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Eastern Zangarmarsh

Commander Tarquin leaned into the roaring gale, staying upright even when many of his men were bowled over by the winds. When the gust died down, the Marine officer sneered at the Night Elf leader with an expression of pure arrogance and contempt on his face as he pulled a pistol from his belt and aimed it at her: the shortage of gunpowder in the Republic of Man precluded its use on a large scale, but officers who could afford the expense generally bought at least one firearm as a mark of prestige. Tiberius Dammerung had three.

"Cute trick!" he shouted. The Marines that had been knocked over were climbing back on their feet, reloading crossbows and joining the Marines who were still training their crossbows on the Night Elf patrol. "Kill 'em all!" came the order as Tarquin fired at the lead Night Elf. Not bothering to reload, Tiberius Dammerung took out his other two pistols: he was one of the very few humans capable of effectively dual-wielding firearms. Around him, crossbows were twanging as the Marines opened fire on the hippogryphs.

"Shamans, you know what to do!"

A few seconds later, lightning bolts appeared out of the clear blue sky, arcing in on the Night Elf patrol. Commander Tarquin fired his last two shots, and began reloading his pistols.

Battle of Ango'Rosh

General Jaeger snarled as the Juggernauts crashed into his phalanx. The isolated Raiders on the flanks were rapidly being swarmed over and brought down by the overwhelming forces of the Dragoons, and the Marines were wheeling back into position, which meant that this central force was the last major threat on the battlefield. The general looked to the gnomish mage seated on a mechastrider by his side.

"Gearspanner, signal to the Marines on the flanks. Order them to sweep out and charge back in on the flanking force." The gnome made a rude gesture that may or may not have been a part of the spell he was casting, which was something of an improvement: usually an anatomically impossible suggestion accompanied it. Nevertheless, a colored set of geometric shapes appeared in front of the commanding officers of each of the flanking Marine attachments. The Marines moved out in quick order, advancing up the battlefield before wheeling around and charging the backs of the otherwise engaged Horde force. General Jaeger nodded and let a satisfied half-smile appear on his face as General Carnifex brought the reserve back in, further reinforcing the central section of the line in the face of the Juggernauts. Carnifex brought his horse alongside Jaeger's rhino, still looking at the battle.

"Their Juggernauts against our Marines... We have at least two hundred Vrykul in this force: they have the raw size and strength, even if the Juggernauts have the armor advantage." Jaeger nodded.

"First mistake that they made: charging our phalanx head-on. After that, splitting up their Raider force: they were outnumbered even before our Marines pulled their little crossbow trick. Now it's just a matter of killing as many of them as possible."


Battle of Ango'Rosh
Battle Summary:

The reserve Hoplites have joined the front line, thickening the center to prevent the Juggernauts from breaking the phalanx's ranks.

The Dragoons are swarming over the Raiders.

The Marine flanking contingents have advanced 120 meters forward, turned towards the main battle, and charged at the Grunts and Juggernauts from the rear.
Growth Cycle!

2000 New Population

200 New Hoplites
25 New Dragoons
5 New Scorpions, 5 Crew each
100 New Marines
75 New Sailors

Turn summary

Forge Camp: Terror
A tunnel is being bored from the Western part of the Blade's Edge Mountains in Helmand province up to Forge Camp: Terror. (1 turns to completion)

Hellfire Penninsula
200 Dragoons have landed near the Cenarion refuge and are scouting the Hellfire Penninsula, with the intention of finding the current location of the "Black Legion" (2 turns to completion)

Eastern Zangarmarsh
Colonization and Terraforming of Dracon Province has begun! The new territory will encompass the eastern entrance to the Blade's Edge mountains, hug the coast before cutting east to the former location of Swamprat Post, and the entire Dead Mire. Thanagor Gorum, the new provincial capital and port city, will sit on the coast nearest to the sunken ruins of Telredor. (4 turns to the completion of Thanagor Gorum, 2 more until the province itself is appropriately terraformed)

Shattrath City
An ambassador has been dispatched to open up trade routes with Shattrath City.

600 Marines, 100 Dragoons, and 10 Scorpions have been dispatched to guard the 10,000 colonists.

100 Marines have begun to fortify the eastern tunnel. (2 turns to completion)

Training of the first Proto-Drake Squadron has begun (4 turns to completion: reward, 10 Proto-Drakes and riders)
Lionus and Goldray shared a look. What could this be about, they both wondered. Was it something he said? Perhaps private orders that the advisor need not know about? They couldn't exactly do anything about it, though, so Goldray left, leaving the Chief Ambassador and Kalinar alone.

"Sit, Lionus," Kalinar said, gesturing to a chair sitting on one side of his desk. "I don't know how long this conversation will last, but I'm not taking chances."

Lionus cautiously went and sat down, and waited patiently as Kal took his own seat. "Now, Lionus," said the Lord Regent, "sit down, shut up, and listen, because this could get long-winded. It's about that nation, the Clockwork Covenant. They don't exactly seem like a nice bunch of people. If you want to know why I say that, if you think hard, you'll recall that they have amassed an army of Fel Reavers. I do not trust this nation, even though most of the citizens do seem to be Sin'dorei, like us. Why, you ask? Sane Sin'dorei don't make Fel Reaver armies; you and I can both agree on that, I think.

"However, if we could make these people our friends, we would have an invaluable ally. Their population is greater than ours, and with the technology my scouts have seen, they could wipe the floor with most anyone they encounter. Combine that with our own technology, and we have an unstoppable force of reckoning. No other nation that I currently know of will be able to stand up to us, and we could easily expand to a good size and then stop, running the nation easily and successfully with the help of the Covenant. It'd be something of a utopia, if everything goes according to plan.

"What's the plan? Well, I just told you. 'But how do we set the plan in motion', that's your next question. It starts with you, as you may or may not have guessed. I chose you because you are the Republic's chief ambassador, trained for years back in Quel'thalas in the arts of diplomacy. You spent most of your time in court with the other races of the Horde, and sometimes even the Alliance. The first step is the most crucial, and I need somebody that I know I can count on.

"I want you, Lionus, to go northwest, with perhaps twenty blood soldiers, to the Covenant's territory, and find a way to get an audience with their leader, whoever that may be. When that happens, you must find some way to get them to become our allies. I don't care how it happens. Lie, cheat, steal, hell, if you truly must, kill the leader; if you need to do that, he's obviously insane and nobody will miss him. When that's done, you will return to me."

Lionus sat back in his chair, breathing heavily. The plan could work, yes, but what of the risk? The Lord Regent was obviously afraid of this Clockwork Covenant, so afraid that he intended to send the best Sin'dorei he had to make sure that relations were good. "Lord Regent Bloodstrike, I must advise against this. If they are truly as unstable and dangerous as you say, who's to stop them from capturing or killing me and my men? It's too risky."

Kal shot up out of his chair. "DO NOT DISRESPECT MY AUTHORITY, LIONUS. I am your Lord Regent. I gave you and order, and a very sensible one at that. You will have full protection and enough rations to last the journey. In addition, two Spellweavers will accompany you to make sure that you can be teleported back here should something go terribly wrong.You objections are noted and ignored; I want no further complaints. Is that undertood, Lionus?"


"IS IT?"

The Chief Ambassador gulped, suddenly desperate for something to moisten his now very dry throat. "I... yes, Lord Regent. I will gather the necessary men and set out as soon as possible."

Kalinar sat back down. "Good. You are dismissed. Off with you, then."

Lionus slowly got up and walked out. When he was sure nobody was around, he heaved an immense sigh of relief. Forget the fact that he was undergoing a dangerous mission; at this point, he was just happy to be alive.


Current projects

Expansion and Construction: 20 engineers, 20 Spellweavers, 40 blood soldiers, and 1 blood guard will be sent to Manaforge Duro to assist in the repair and improvement of the structure. Estimated arrival time: 1 post. Estimated task completion time: 5 posts.

Diplomacy: Chief Ambassador Lionus, 20 blood soldiers and 2 Spellweavers will be sent across Netherstorm to negotiate with the Clockwork Covenant in an attempt to forge an alliance. Estimated arrival time: 1-3 posts. Estimated task completion time: 1-3 posts.

Caer Valen, Last Hope, Border of Terrorkar-Hellfire

Commander Silver Longshadow studied the stark black edifice before him and smiled. It would make a fine fortress, so far it was just the tower but the outer wall was coming along nicely. He continued his walk along the wall, evening meal being served to the men and workers; both having spent the day either on patrol, watch or working the wall. It was grueling 4 hour shifts from dawn till dusk yet none complained. They worked in teams, soldiers alongside laborers; slaves running about giving food and water to those who needed it and dragging in the supplies of raw materials or bringing finished products to their destinations.

Silver didn't trust them to actually build the fortress correctly. "A mighty edifice Commander." The eerie voice of Tai MacIntyre, the Death Knight of the Seventh Company of the Legion. Silver smiled as he turned to look at him, "It will be when its completed. Did you find the gem I asked for?" He asked simply, his hands clasped behind his back as he paced past the Death Knight to the column approaching the walls which were under construction. Silver Longshadow was an impressive sight, standing at six foot exactly he was not the tallest man but he held a presence. It was visible in his gait and his stance, he was built of raw corded muscle and looked able to fight for days on end.

Tai MacIntyre was himself even more imposing than the Commander, all to the benefit of the image Silver wished to portray for how would a more fearsome man bow and salute to a person who was less than he? Tai stood at six foot two inches and well over two hundred and twenty-five pounds, the image made even more fearsome by the blue-black armor he wore, the black, pulsating axe on his back testament to his power as the wolfish mane of his helm glowed a fiery blue. "I was successful in recovering the Sunfury gem you sought and it shall be chiseled and shaped before being hoisted to the top of the tower." The Death Knight said simply, this was boring work to Tai yet he knew it had to be done.

Silver nodded his appreciation as he continued his inspection, "Have your Knights continue to guard the camp tonight as well. Tomorrow Ultima and Delta shall return from their investigations and I will then begin rotating my kill teams through watch duty." Silver said in an off-hand comment to the Death Knight Captain, he knew Tai's men could stand for days on watch yet he was not the type of Commander to do that. "Once relieved I want you to carry word to the Emperor of our success here with the construction of Caer Valen, and that I have diverted all workers and slaves to Zangarmarsh to be put at the disposal of the Highlord General." Silver knew Tai woudld remember his orders without him having to give them again.

As they had been talking another figure, shorter than the other men standing at five foot six inches yet he was lithe, far more agile than the other two. "Commander, scouts reporting back in with no new activity; an ash storm prevented study of Auchindoun and the Dread Wastes but I shall continue to send men in that direction as time goes on." He said simply, he didn't salute; these men were brothers and veterans of many campaigns together, they all were. Silver nodded, "Thank you Shrike, I appreciate the work you and the Third Company do. Get them fed and rested work will begin in earnest. The wall is almost complete and the christening of our base of operations will be underway.

Both men saluted at that, a hand going over their chests. "Ave Legio!" They said in impassioned voices, and Silver smiled as he quietly, yet just as passionately said, "Ave Legio my brothers."

Wyrmskull Bridge, Blade's Edge Mountains

Kolphis marched with his army, it was by no stretch of the imagination great or threatening, but it would do. The Druids of the Ruuan Weald were not known for their combat prowess, they had been sent to the land as healers afterall. Nearby, Draaca marched in front of her Acolytes, she had a grin on her face, as if she knew something that Kolphis didn’t. Kolphis didn’t like that, off to the front a ways, Overseer Nuaar walked among a few Poachers, most of them had been to the Weald before, and he was consulting them on strategy.

The Wyrmskull bridge that the army now crossed had a very dark history. Ogres had controlled it, and when they killed a Dragon, they’d place its head here, now all that remained was skulls made white by the sun. Now, the Wyrmcultists marched across the bridge of former defeat, a bridge that not long ago the druids had used to try and route the cult out, now they would have their victory.

The forest in the distance grew closer and closer, Kolphis could smell the warm mountain air. His troops began to chant, roar and bellow, some prayed to the aspects, some began talking low of the druids, and many simply yelled. It wouldn’t be long now, and with the Ruaan under the Caliphates control, further expansion could begin.


((Sorry for the short post, wanted to get a quick mobilization post in before tommorow))

Entire army is being mobilized to the Ruaan Weald, and will be there by the next turn.
Helios, The Trident's Strike; Border of Zangarmarsh-Hellfire

Highlord General Kreegan Cloudstriker sighed as he inspected the scouting report for the third time. Construction was well underway and the city proper had been constructed, now all that was left was the docks and port area as well as the finishing touches on the fortress. Helios would be a beautiful monument to the Empire's budding power yet here in front of him was news that could destroy that. Already there had been minor skirmishes with bandits and sightings of the Republic. Now here were reports on his desk of Kaldorei hippogryphs flying towards their location.

"Your orders sir?" Colonel Michael Martin asked, the young man rising to prominence mostly due to the influence of his father. Something that Kreegan disliked immensely yet could do nothing about anymore except mold the man into the perfect soldier. "Take the Sixth Regiment and intercept the Republic of Man forces that were sighted, 500 Black Guard, 200 Riflemen and 150 Lancers should be more than enough to either force them to retreat or beat them into the dirt. Prisoners are allowed at this juncture I'd like something to bargain with in the future against the Republic." Always the shrewd tactician Kreegan never turned down an opportunity to collect information or leverage. The young Colonel nodded and saluted, turning to relay his orders yet stopping as he forgot he had not been dismissed. "Anything else sir?" He asked hastily.

Kreegan grinned wolfishly at the young man's attitude, it was good to see he was starting to curb the boy's natural tendencies and arrogance. "Yes tell all troops the Kaldorei are not to be shot or attacked. I want to see what they want, such a small party means its either scouting or diplomatic. They don't hold the strength to cross the sea in large enough numbers to threaten us and besides I am having orders sent to pull the entirety of the Fourth to come and bolster us here. With the Legion holding the Terrorkar border it leaves us the opportunity to move the other Regiments around." He smiled wolfishly, it was a boon that the Legion was such a fearsome fighting force to be able to hold an entire border on its own; and knowing Silver Caer Valen would be completed soon and a force to be reckoned with on its own.

The young man nodded and saluted, turning to leave as he did so. Sighing in relief as he left the Highlord's presence. He didn't like any of the Cloudstrikers, they were powerful, cunning and dangerous allies and even worse enemies. The fact that they had men like Ashok the Red, Ratheron Firehawk and Silver Longshadow in their pockets didn't help matters. Michael knew his father sought a more lucrative position within the Empire but he knew that to do so would be to challenge the Cloudstrikers, for how much more powerful could you become than Speaker of the Assembly of Lords? It was a dangerous game and Michael knew it was one his father would probably lose and he had no intention of dying for him.



Sixth Legion (500 Black Guard, 200 Riflemen, 150 Lancers) Moving to intercept Republic of Man forces. (1-2 posts) [Garrison at Helios: 500 Black Guard, 200 Riflemen, 150 Lancers (Fifth Regiment)]
Helios Completion in 2 posts
Caer Valen completion in 1 post
Investigation teams returning in 1 post
Request for reinforcements in 2 posts
Notification of completion in 1 post
Andar Plaguebringer

I watched the men disappear into darkness, headed off to retrieve the Highlord superior soldiers. Once they were out of my sight, I turned and walked down the stairway behind me, one of many on the wall surrounding the Spire. I watched men from the quarry haul in stone. They seemed very thirsty, and that's when I realized our error. We have no source of water....
I walked quickly to my hut, pulling out one of the many maps I had there and opening it up on the table in the center of the room. As I studied the map, a smile broke out across my rotted face. I began to do calculations in my head, and once I was done, I rolled up the map, stuck it in the crook of my elbow, and strode off to see the Highlord.

Corbar Bloodbreaker
I strode infront of the humans, smiling as the cringed. "GENTLEMEN. The Highlord has decided to send you to Cataclysm, in the hills behind our Spire. Total annihilation gentlemen, I want no prisoners. Though I doubt the demons would surrender." Laughter erupted from the men. They quickly fell silent when I began speaking again, "The Dreadlords there were slain during the outland campaigns, the fel reavers shut down. All that remains are a few technicians and husks of infernals. Kill every technician except one. Have him bring the fel reavers back online on OUR side. Then kill him."

I turned to the warlocks we had. "Your jobs will be mass enslavement of the infernals. Now move out!"

Ithalin Frosthand

I sat on my throne, tapping my fingers impatiently. It seemed like ages before Corbar entered, and sat upon his chair with a sigh. He turned his head to me and spoke, "They are sent. Nine hundred human footmen, all fifty of our Fel Orc warlocks." I nodded, pleased. I turned my head to Andar. He was staring at me again.

"My Highlord, it has come to my attention we have no readily available supply of water. I suggest we take Coilskar Point and Coilskar Cistern, as both have ample amounts of it. We could send a detachment of trolls to seize it." He paused before continuing, "Also, there are reports of activity at the Death Forge." I nodded and was about to respond when Corbar spoke, "We will need to pass through the Sketh'lon wreckage to reach the Coilskar. Send a detachment of priests as well, for if we take Sketh'lon we take Sketh'lon's wood alongside it."

"Do it," I said, and turned to Andar. "Have any orcs come to our gates seeking refuge?"

"None yet, my lord. Though I imagine they will show eventually." I nodded slowly and sat back, looking up at the roof of what used to be the inn.

"Tell the workers to prepare for construction. We shall turn this place into a true spire."
Actions-The assault on Coilskar-Units-900 Troll footmen.
40 Troll archers
40 Troll warlocks
20 Human priests

The assault on Cataclysm:
900 Human footmen
100 Fel Orc warlocks

Purging of Sketh'lon-Units-900 Troll footmen.
40 Troll archers
40 Troll warlocks
20 Human priests
Human priests will purge the ghosts on the way to Coilskar

Creation of Spire-3 Posts until completion.
Previous actions-Diplomats dispatched to Mag'Har, orcs, and ogres. 4 posts to complete.

Raiding party dispatched to Wildhammer point-Complete, humans utilize gryphons to fly back, and the druids take flight form.

Off-Screen action-Miners strike vein of Fel Iron. 1 posts to mine and transport back to Death's Spire.

Quarry expansion-Due to the vein strike, quarry foreman begins expansion. 2 Posts to complete, +15 to any rolls to strike Fel Iron after completion.
Completed Projects

[TF: Bone Wastes]: 250 Death Speakers and 500 Skeletal Warriors have succeeded in Reclaiming and Reactivating Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes.
Reward: Active Spirit Towers, (future research opportunities improve Spirit Tower utility).

[TF: Allerian Stronghold]: Bonelord Rime, 300 Skeletal Warriors and 1000 Skeletal Archers arrived to Assault Tuurem for Mal’Zuur.
Reward: Combat with Tuurem

[TF: Bleeding Hollow Clan]: 576 Burning Blade Fanatics and 22 Burning Blade Warlocks arrived at Grangol’var Village to Re-establish Communication with Shadow Council forces.
Reward: Control of Grangol’var Village and 150 Cabal Raiders

[N: Burning Blade Clan]: Construction of Training Grounds complete.
Reward: Increased Burning Blade Fanatic growth by 10%

Terokkar Forest: Grangol’var Village

A small party of forty Orcs had been sent up the hill into Grangol’var Village, the rest had stayed behind in the Bone Wastes. The large force had been sent, so as to not take unnecessary casualties in the Bone Wastes, and just in-case they ran into any surprises. Still, the dead were infinite in the Wastes, and it had taken them an entire day’s march to reach their destination. The rest of the force rested in the forest, far enough away from the wandering dead to be safe.

To refer to somewhere as a Ghost Town after just marching through the desert of the damned for several hours, seemed a little inappropriate, and yet Grangol’var Village –was- a Ghost Town. Fanatic Grimefist was the first to step inside the hollowed out, decayed Orcish Hall. One of the Watch Towers had toppled over; splintered wood and shattered stone was strewn over the ground. It looked as if the bodies had been burnt.

Grimefist gripped his immense two-handed sword tightly as his boots crunched against broken glass. The sound seemed to echo for miles, and a tentative glance around betrayed the fact that Grimefast was unsure. The others did not blame him, the Bone Wastes had them spooked. He pushed aside a rotten sleeper with his foot and stepped further into the Hold. Shadows seemed to leap out of the corners. The breathing of the Orc behind him fell heavily.

“There’s nothing h-” *THWACK*

Grimefist felt a stony fist to the side of the head and fell to the ground with a thump, out cold. Behind him, a jumpy Orc named Hammerhead leapt forward and swung his giant axe in a great arc. The aggressor dodged out of the way and before Hammerhead could recover, had rushed forward and swung his own sharp sword towards the Fanatic’s neck. Yet just before the blade was to make contact, an unholy wail filled the air and a large flaming chunk of flame slammed into the aggressors side and threw him across the room.

A Burning Blade Warlock stepped forward, hands still smoking. He pushed past Hammerhead and stepped over Grimefist, before stepping into the interior of the Hold. “Wait!” he yelled, holding his hands forward in a gesture that could have been a threat or a sign of peace. The aggressor was attempting to scramble to his feet, but severe burns to the face and shoulders kept him down. On closer inspection, it was a grey Orc, wearing nothing but leather pants. He wore no shirt, which had not gone down well with fire.

“You do not look like a Grangol’var Orc,” the Warlock spoke, “Identify yourself or I shall incinerate you.”

The wounded Orc spat forward a glob of blood, “Who are you to ask?” he questioned aggressively, before realizing how dire his situation was. “You do not look like any pink-skin loving Orc yourself, or a Mag’har… so I will tell you.” In a painful series of movements, the Orc stood up to the full extent of his height, “I am Anarg Redsash…” he paused for a long moment, his eyes squinting, “Of the Shadow Cabal.”

The Warlock’s eyes widened, “The Cabal!” he repeated, “What are you doing here? We were informed none now remained in Terokkar. We are the Burning Blade, also under the Shadow Council, sent here to bring message to Grangol’var. It appears deserted.”

“It has been for years. The Cabal is not. The Cabal has recently returned from the Shadowmoon Valley, we have been using these ruins to look upon the Bone Wastes. They have been unfriendly lately.” The Warlock called for a medic to aid the wounded Cabal member. “We number over a hundred, we are all that remains. We are all mounted however, fast, black steeds. We bring important information from Shadowmoon, open a communications portal to whoever is still in charge of the Council.”

“You have a lot to be filled in on…” the Warlock spoke, sitting the Cabal officer down…

Terokkar Forest: Auchindoun

The sky was grey, the wind was cold, and the howling of the Bone Wastes never stopped. Mal’Zuur floated atop the Ring of Observation, watching his army of the dead stand silently, awaiting instruction. It truly was a wonderful sight, such obedience, such power and such order. It was far greater than any army of humans, or rag-tag horde of Orcs. It was perfection, warriors that never tired and never talked back.

“It is cold,” Karshe grumbled next to him. The lean Orcess did not like being outside, nobody could tell who would be watching, learning. The Shadow Council was to remain a secret; none were supposed to know that the organisation was still active, pulling strings all across Outland through their many avenues of work. The Orc looked up to Mal’Zuur and waited, he had important information to give out, but the Lich took too much splendour from his own successes.

“That is the chill of death,” Mal’Zuur rumbled in a hollow tone.

“Would you like a coat?” the nearby voice of Balvaloneous offered. Clearly, the insane were too warm of heart and mind to feel the cold. Or, the Draenei had spent far too long across corpses to be affected by their chill. Karshe ignored his offer.

“I will not tarry,” Mal’Zuur spoke, “As we speak my forces are destroying the wretched outpost of Tuurem and establishing themselves there. I have returned to gather more forces and grant you two more orders. But first, I require your briefest status reports. I expect only good news. Otherwise, it is a long fall from here.” The chill of ice lingered on every word the Lich spoke, but Karshe’s eyes burned with such fire that she remained fearless. Balvaloneous was immune to caution, he spoke first.

“The Death Speakers have activated the Spirit Towers,” he spoke dutifully. “However, sometimes those frisky skeletons can get a bit over-excited, and they topple a tower. I’ve left ten Death Speakers at each tower to manage them, the rest have returned to the Crypts.”

“Excellent,” Mal’Zuur responded, satisfied. “Focus on clearing the Sethekk Halls before the Mana Tombs. I have no use for salvageable Ethereal supplies, and trade isn’t exactly popular when it is the dead offering their service. Go now Balvaloneous. You have done well.”

Balvaloneous bowed, and then went to walk directly off the edge of the landing. Karshe sighed angrily and reached out to turn him around, letting the blind fool off on his way. She awaited her own request to talk, which she was eager to give and see if Mal’Zuur could find any sort of ‘failure.’

“And you, Karshe?” the Lich inquired, “I trust you have done as I asked?”

Karshe nodded, “My Burning Blade forces have taken over and rebuilt the Burning Blade Clan. I have re-established contact with the Kil’Sorrow Fortress, which is still in good condition. Cult-Lord Garokk and more Burning Blade forces have begun to construct a harbour city near one of the lakes that feeds into Zangamarsh. In addition, I have sent forces to secure the forward camp of Grangol’var Village. It should give us closer intel on Shattrath.”

“The integration of the Bonechewer Fel Orcs is still underway. It will take many more months, but until then my spy is influencing the fortification of the ruins and improving the battle-readiness of those Fel Orcs. That is not all. My scouts there just the other day reported an Illidari scouting force move through the Forest to the north. Perhaps they are not as defeated as we had assumed.”

There was a long silence as Karshe caught her breath and couldn’t decide whether to grin or to be prepared for verbal assault. Strangely, and slightly frustratingly, she was given reason for neither. Mal’Zuur simply gave the slightest nod of his head, and returned to processing information as he overlooked his forces. The wind begun to cut under her clothing, and already her bones felt sore, it was so unnaturally cold near the Lich.

“Continue to do as you please in Nagrand,” Mal’Zuur finally decided, “Your discretion is proving quite adequate. Be ready however, to come when I call. I know your loyalty lies merely skin deep Karshe,” the fact that he then pronounced her name correctly, sent shivers up her spine. How intelligent was this reckless barbarian? “However, until Shattrath falls, we have the same goal. Be ready, when I call… Dismissed.”

Mal’Zuur continued to look out over Auchindoun, for another hour, before he finally called a Cultist to him. “Assemble five hundred of the most talented amongst the populace, bring them to me.”

Some time later…

“My loyal subjects,” Mal’Zuur greeted as members of all races and creeds bowed before him, many looked determined despite their confusion. A few looked calm and collected, like those who thought they were about to die. All were pale and quiet, like death, but with some acting they would fit perfectly in to any society. “I have a task for you all, you five hundred, you will be the harbingers of my eternal darkness. You are to integrate into the society of Shattrath and over the following months or years forget your ties to me and live like refugees.”

Many seemed to take a sudden confidence at his suggestion, they were not being sacrificed, they were not being sent to their deaths. They would be Cultists of old once more, and integrate into a society. Mal’Zuur continued, “And when the time comes, when I call, when the shadow rises, you will do all you can to bring about the internal destruction of Shattrath. As it falls under the onslaught of the dead from the fore, and the whirlwind of the Shadow Council from the rear… it shall crumble and rot from within. And all hope, and all the dreams of the living… shall crumble with it.”

An unholy cheer rose from the crowd, and Mal’Zuur waved a limb of dismissal, “Go, prepare now my subjects… Integrate casually over the following months, and travel far as to not arouse suspicion.” The Cultists began to clear out, excited to prove themselves in the eyes of their lord, and bring about the new age of darkness.

“Oh wait, you…” the frosty voice spoke once more, and pointed to the closest Cultist, a Dwarf. “Not you, you can be a shade.”

“Ah bugger…”

In one swift motion, Mal’Zuur tore the beings soul from its shell, and cast it forward into Auchindoun, “You are to go North, past Shattrath, and into the Zangamarsh. You are tied to me, I will be watching you. Do not fail.”

Several hours later, and Mal’Zuur had gathered all other forces within Auchindoun, and had left the ancient citadel and marched north to Stonebreaker Hold. The banner of Mal’Zuur once more flew in the cold, unnatural breeze of the Bone Wastes. The armies of the dead marched forward, relentlessly, with the will of their master afore them.

Terokkar Forest: Tuurem: Combat

There was no strategy, there was no planning. Bonelord Rime fell upon Tuurem like a storm of ice and bone. The sky was dark into the night and little fires lit the tiny huts of the lost ones. The survivors of the Mana Bomb near Firewing Point had also gathered at the crossroads. It was overpopulated, like a little island in the middle of a sea of poverty and transience. And it stunk of fear.

[TF: Tuurem]: The Hand of Mal’Zuur lead by Bonelord Rime engaging with Tuurem Lost Ones/Firewing Survivors at Tuurem.
The Hand of Mal’Zuur Forces: 300 Skeletal Warriors, 1000 Skeletal Archers, Bonelord Rime
Tuurem Forces: 200 Firewing Soldiers, 400 Tuurem Scouts, 300 Tuurem Militia
Fleeing Tuurem Forces: 500 Tuurem Lost Ones(fleeing towards Shattrath) and 400 Firewing Refugees(fleeing north towards Caer Valen((these are all yours Ashok)))

Tuurem was in chaos. As soon as Bonelord Rime and his forces were spotted, evacuation of the city had begun. Lost Ones were trampled in the streets as the refugees grabbed what they could hold and fled as fast as they could go, they had seen, or –felt- the desecration of Allerian Stronghold earlier, they would not dare oppose such a strength. Before the first volley of Undead arrows thundered down like rain over their heads, half the population had already fled.

To buy them time, the brave soldiers of Firewing Point donned their equipment and charged out the front to meet their death. The sins of the Scourge in the past still burnt in their veins, and one kill each would be enough to satisfy their rage. They intended to take hundreds. Bonelord Rime had not expected such altruism from the living, and was taken unawares. His lines were scattered and many of his skeletal warriors were destroyed. The endurance of the Dead won through however.

The distraction was enough to buy the Firewing Refugees time to escape to the North, they fled towards the old Razorthorn Trail in hopes of reaching allies in Hellfire. In this time, the Tuurem Militia was gathered too, and when the dead marched into the town of Tuurem, the Lost Ones were waiting. Their own refugees fled west towards the safety of Shattrath. Unbeknownst to them, a small patrol of Cabal Raiders were running the roads. Few of the refugees made it to Shattrath alive.

Bonelord Rime took out Lost Ones in swathes of ten, yet his command was weaker than Mal’Zuurs, and by the time Tuurem rung with defeat, many shattered bones littered the forest floor.

[TF: Tuurem]: The Hand of Mal’Zuur lead by Bonelord Rime defeated Tuurem Lost Ones/Firewing Survivors at Tuurem.
The Hand of Mal’Zuur Forces: 120(180 Lost) Skeletal Warriors, 850(150 Lost) Skeletal Archers, Bonelord Rime
Tuurem Forces: 0(200 Lost) Firewing Soldiers, 0(400 Lost) Tuurem Scouts, 0(300 Lost) Tuurem Militia
Fleeing Tuurem Forces: 500 Tuurem Lost Ones(fleeing towards Shattrath) and 400 Firewing Refugees(fleeing north towards Caer Valen((these are all yours Ashok)))


Ongoing Projects

[TF: Grangol’var Village]: 576 Burning Blade Fanatics and 50 Cabal Raiders constructing Stables at Grangol’var Village.
Estimated: 1 turn
Reward: Enabled Cabal Raider Growth (10-30 per Cycle)

[TF: Bone Wastes]: Mal’Zuur, 1100 Skeletal Warriors and 30 Skeletal Archers marching to Assault Stonebreaker Hold.
Estimated: 1 turn marching
Reward: Combat with Stonebreaker Hold

[TF: Auchindoun]: 500 Cult of the Damned Populace being trained to Infiltrate/integrate into Shattrath Society over several terms.
Estimated: 5 turns: 1 turn to train, 4 turns to fully integrate
Reward: Cult of the Damned Populace integrated into Shattrath Society for later use.

[TF: Sethekk Halls: Death Speakers attempting to Regain control of the Sethekk Halls in Auchindoun.
Estimated: 4 turns
Reward: Unlock Time-Lost Avian Rippers, anti-air flying unit.

[N: North of Burning Blade Clan Ruins]:Garokk, 400 Burning Blade Fanatics and 300 Burning Blade Warlocks scouting north to Found Sea-Side Town and Construction just west of the old Aldor path into Shattrath have CHANGED their objective and now intend to construct Sea-Side Town atop the old Ring of Trials.
Estimated: 1 turns for construction.
Reward: Established inland sea-side town of Garokk’s Harbour. Unlocked maritime research and unit capabilities.

[N: Burning Blade Clan]: Construction of Watch Tower underway.
Estimated: 1 turn
Reward: Sight over Nagrand/Terokkar Forest path and between Burning Blade Clan/Kil’Sorrow Fortress.

[TF: Bonechewer Ruins]: Mogma attempting Complex Scheme to gain Dominance and Control over Bonechewer Clan at Bonechewer Ruins.
Estimated: 2 turns to fully take control, if no complications
Reward: Control of Bonechewer Clan, including 400 Bonechewer Grunts (these units do not breed) and the Bonechewer Clan Town.

[RESEARCH]: Death Speakers attempting to reactive latent ability of Spirit Towers to conjure Ash Storms in immediate vicinity.
Estimated: 3 turns
Rewards: Ability when manned, for Spirit Towers to conjure Ash Storms in immediate area.

Eastern Zangermarsh

Lux’thar Strongoak and his guards sent their hippogryphs into a steep dive, dropping below the tops of the mushrooms and pulling up just in time to avoid becoming feathery purple splatters on the muddy ground. They landed at what they considered a polite distance away from the half-finished fortress. Their spirited mounts skipped beneath them somewhat, preferring the sky to this boggy footing, but after a few moments of fuss they calmed enough to carry their riders toward the gate. Lux’thar took the lead, with his escort fanning out behind him. The two Sentinels directly behind him both carried banners; the one on his right bearing their people’s silver and black crest, the one on the left flying a simple white flag of mooncloth.

When they stood just beyond the gate, Lux’thar raised his low, rumbling voice and called out to the guards, “I am Commander Lux’thar Strongoak of the Sentinels. On behalf of the Kaldorei Reformation, I seek audience with the master of this keep.”

His words were straight as an arrow and directly to the point, much the same as the man who spoke them. The group of elves waited in silence for the sentries’ response.

Southeast BEM

The mountain winds caused Cirica’s chin-length, dark green hair to whip wildly about her head, half blocking her view at times. And what a gorgeous view it was!

The druids had been busy and as she sat riding the winds upon the back of her great snowy hippogryph, their handiwork sprawled out beneath her. In the few places where it was still visible, the red earth of the canyons had taken on a much darker, richer hue than the dusty orange it was when the ogres were still choking the life from it. Streams and creeks now crisscrossed the formerly barren landscape and a thick carpet of grass and brush hid the soil almost entirely. The grandest sight by far though, was the trees. Massive, towering bastions of life stretched out beneath them from once side of the canyon to the other, and from north to south as far as their keen eyes could see. Though the still longed for the trees of their homeland, the druids had too much respect for the ways of nature to force them to grow in this alien soil. The new forest below them comprised entirely of plants native to the mountains when they arrived. Gesturing to her companions to get their attention, she pointed to a place on the ground below them and then sent her mount down for a landing.

Cirica had alighted in a clearing set at a crossroads set on the upper shelf on the eastern side of the canyon. Following the road to the north would lead to the path that branched off toward bridge stretching across to Sylvanaar, continuing north would take you to what had once been a Horde stronghold before the Kaldorei drove them out and returned the land to nature. Going east from here would take you on a path up the mountains, to an area beyond control of the elves- for now. Directly south lay the tunnel under the mountains to Zangermarsh where countless druids and work crews were already toiling away. Once her party had joined her she nodded to them.

“This is the place where I want it. Right here,” she kicked the red dirt with her boot for emphasis, “Gather some of the druids who have finished their work on the forests. Make sure they construct the walls first and then work on growing the buildings. I will dispatch a regiment of Sentinels as soon as we return, as well as plenty of auxiliary troops,” gesturing down the path toward the tunnel she continued, “After they have finish the outpost, send the druids out into these woods. Tell them to add more trees and to make them thicker and taller. The undergrowth should be impassable. I want this place as defensible as possible; the path should be a bottleneck all the way from the wall to where we stand now. Understood?”

The assembled group of Kaldorei nodded, a few of them making notes on scrolls they had brought. One looked up from his parchment as he finished writing and asked hesitantly, “With respect General Darkleaf… We are already collapsing both tunnels; soon the only way into the mountains will be by air. Do you really believe such extreme measures are necessary?”

Cirica gave him an apologetic look and answered, “As much as I loathe the prospect, war will be beset us again soon. I can feel it rushing toward us upon the wind,” she turned her face toward the south, “The only question that remains is, How long do we have before the storm breaks?


Completed Projects:

Growing a forest in their territory in BEM (2/2 posts)

Ambassador sent to Black Legion stronghold in Zangermarsh-
Commander Lux’thar Strongoak
6 Sentinels

Current Projects:

Ambassador sent to Republic of Man in Zangermarsh (via hippogryph, 1 post for travel)-
Priestess Ione Bluesong
6 Sentinels
[kinda waiting on Ein to acknowledge this one]

Team sent into the western tunnel to begin work on the “contingency plan” aka: collapsing their end of the tunnel and filling it with irontree roots (1/2 posts)-
300 Sentinels
100 archers
50 druids of the wild
100 civilian crewmen

Team sent into the eastern tunnel to begin work on the “contingency plan” aka: collapsing their end of the tunnel and filling it with irontree roots (2 posts to complete)-
300 Sentinels
100 archers
50 druids of the wild
100 civilian crewmen

Training Civilian Militia (1/2 posts)-
200 Sentinels
100 archers

Outpost under construction in Eastern BEM (3 posts to complete)-
75 druids of the wild

Troops dispatched overland toward new outpost (1 post travel time)-
500 Sentinels
300 archers
200 Priestesses of the Moon

Helios, Zangarmarsh-Hellfire Border

The sentries of the Fifth Regiment impassively watched the elves approach and when the apparent leader spoke they approached, their black armor and iron-shod boots stamping against the earth as they approached. When they did they stopped several feet away and spoke in toneless voices, "You are to come with us to the Highlord General. Make no attempts to take a different route than we select or draw weapons or cast magic. You will be killed instantly if you do." They said, forming up around the group as the half dozen Black Guard escorted the elves through the city to the black keep of the fortress, which was completed.

Quick conversations at the gate of the keep had a sentry scurrying to the Highlord's office and then returning quickly. "Return to your posts they are our charges now. The Highlord will see you immediately." The sentry said as the escorts changed hands the Kaldorei were led through a series of halls, hallways and staircases to arrive at the reception room of Kreegan's office. A secretary sat at the desk and gestured for them to sit only to become flustered as the door banged open and Kreegan walked into the small room and eyed the Kaldorei before him. He liked what he saw, as much as a man who disliked elves could, it was obvious he was a military man and therefore they would get straight to the point and keep it simple.

"Welcome to Helios, I am Highlord General Kreegan Cloudstriker; brother of Emperor Targan Cloudstriker. If there is any question as to who you deal with rest assured any agreements we reach will be upheld by my brother." He said simply, his voice just as toneless as that of his men. It seemed to be an Empire trait in their military men to teach them how to be stony faced and toneless in the face of adversity. "Your guards shall wait back down below in the courtyard with my sentries. So long as you are under my protection no harm will come to you, break that trust and I will break you." Kreegan continued as he wait for the guards to all file out and then he and the Kaldorei ambassador could go into his office and discuss what they needed to discuss.

The Ruuan Weald, Evergrove Outskirts

Kolphis grinned as his army reached the borders of the Ruuan Weald. The constant chants and clamor of his soldiers continued, even louder now. Kolphis would have to win this battle without the element of surprise it seemed. The druidic settlement of Evergrove was nearby, it was the first target in Kolphis’ seige of the Weald. From here the druids had routed his kin from the Weald all those years ago. Kolphis would see history rectified.

The army trudged through the woods, it was much thicker than the Raven’s woods, Kolphis mused at the Druidic penchant for making forests. Kolphis could hear sounds in the distance, commands being issued, people running about, it seemed the druids had noticed them. No matter.

Kolphis yelled to his men, “Why don’t we let them get a taste of what they’ll soon see, eh?!” Their disconnected chants and roars turned into a massive bellow, ancient draconic words were shouted into the air, in unison the soldiers praised the Aspect Deathwing, and asked for the power of his destruction.

Nearby, Draaca had barely been paying attention, she was thinking with the Dragon Egg that now lay hidden in her home. However, conquest still interested her, it would be good to crush a few heretics. She joined in on the chant, her Acolytes formed fire from their hands and began to set fire to the forest around them, black smoke gave the army cover.

Overlord Nuaar stood near the back of the army, he was attempting to make sure that the demolishers didn’t catch fire from Draaca’s little show of power. All around them, the forest burned, the druids would fight twice as hard now. Nuaar thought to the egg, which he thought still rested safely deep in the Raven’s wood, soon enough it would be time to unleash Dragons, not cheap magic against the enemy. As proud as Draaca was, she was no Kolphis, and Nuaar trusted her.

Evergrove was in sight now, a measly group of druids stood at the opening into the settlement. Kolphis pointed at the druids, the chanting stopped, he began to speak loudly to his subjects “These Druids, they worship a false God! They spit upon our Aspects now, just as they did when they forced us from the Weald! See them bleed for their heresy!”

As Kolphis finished, his Zealots began to charge into the enemy line. They were brutal and efficient, though the druids would likely prove quite the combatants. Acolytes attempted to harness the growing forest fire and use it against the enemy, however it seemed too difficult, the fire had become uncontrollable. Kolphis could hear Draaca cursing at here Acolytes, he could hear the searing of flesh as she pushed one into the conflagration, weakness was not tolerated.

The Druids shifted into several forms and confronted Kolphis’ army. Leading the druids was a massive creature that looked of both Stag and Elf. It was a keeper of the Grove, it had the blood of Gods in it, Kolphis would enjoy killing it. Thinking little of himself, or even leading his men, Kolphis charged the Keeper, Spear in hand. All around him, Zealots swung mighty two handed axes at the animal army that now assaulted them. Mighty bears tackled the Zealots and tore at their necks, while Zealots cleaved through druidic panthers. The great keeper of the grove, Wildlord Antelarion if memory served correct, channeled great bolts of solid moonfire into the back lines of the army. Kolphis sliced through a Druid who got in his way, this one in the form of a mighty stag. This alerted the Keeper to Kolphis’ presence, a bolt of moonfire formed at Antelarion’s hands, and without a moment of hesitation came thundering to Kolphis.

Almost instantly, Kolphis was surrounded by a shield of fire, to the distance Kolphis could see Draaca channeling it, seemed she valued his life more than he valued hers. The bolt only served to feed the fire, with Kolphis safe within, the fire expanded and exploded, burning several druids and a few Wyrmscale soldiers. Most importantly however, it stunned the keeper. Kolphis lobbed his spear at the ancient creature, it flew through the air with precision and speed, it found its sheath in Antelarion’s chest.

The great keeper attempted to heal itself, but to no avail, Wyrmscale poachers threw ropes connected to hooks around him and pulled, bringing him, bleeding out, to the ground. Kolphis grasped a small knife that he kept at his belt, a wall of Zealots and poachers surrounded Kolphis and the keeper, fighting druids desperately trying to reach their leader. The keeper looked at Kolphis, purple blood pooled from its chest, it had a look of disgust, but it did not show fear. Nonetheless, Kolphis gripped his knife tight and got to work removing his head.

Elsewhere, poachers and Zealots engaged in combat with what remained of the druids, Zealots were brutal fighters, but poachers were almost trained specifically to fight druids.

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