think i saw someone buying gold

Mobile Bug Report
I saw a player named gudzy on mug'thol server selling some low level items for large amounts of gold on the neutral auction house
This is a bug report forum, so I recommend submitting a ticket to a customer support representative via web, email or in-game:

They will be better able to investigate this matter for you. Thanks!
Tried the link it says i need to report cheating in-game which is of no use to me cause i currently cannot log onto my account because the only internet we currently have is on cell phones and i saw this player selling items via your app

As for email i didn't see any on the page from the link and if i can't submit a ticket for cheating via the site what good is email going to do
Then I would recommend posting on the Customer Support forum, as that is completely outside the nature of this forum, which is for bug reports.

Here is a link:

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