(A) Looking for more 3v3 5v5 rating push

As of now, me and a buddy of mine are looking for some people alliance side that look to push some 3s and/or 5s rating this season.

as for our 3s comp its looking like

mage/hpal (you)

you being a WW monk, rogue or warrior.

for 5s anything goes

all that we ask is that you are full malevolent, look to do arenas for 3-4 hours per week and have a decent amount of pvp experience

if interested contact me ingame.

bt: Vaadbeb#1469

I am an almost full malevolent frost mage (just 2 pieces left) and full malevolent ele shammy.
I don't fit your 3v3, but I just wanted to make myself available in case you are looking for someone to arena with.

I don't have a whole lot of arena experience (I've been on baelgun this whole time) because not many ppl are interested in pvp on my server.

I am able to do arena for 3-4 hours a week, if we have a set time, and I am not that great, but am willing to learn

I am also looking for a pvp guild if you know of any. My shammy is Torts.

Thank you!

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