504ilv disc priest LF new home/RAIDING guild

i been playing wow since tbc came out and looking for day time or LATE night guild 10 man or 25 man i dont care i just want get off my dead server i clear everthing in tbc wrath and cata looking for new place call home i all ways bring flasks and 300stat buff food to raid everday i am 6/12 normal mode TOT i will learn fighting fast and i watch all the guilde to boss we are working on battletag16#1406

Good morning!

We are in need of a healer or two for our 25 man team. We raid Thu/Sun 8pm-11pm PDT. Please check out our site at wolvesofwar.com if you are interested!
in the case that this hasnt been updated ive sent you a battle tag request.
Loathe is a new guild to this server also. We just transfered here last week and are looking for raiders to fill out ranks so we can progress through ToT. A lot of us do quite a bit of PvP on the side. Our raid times are 6pm to 9pm server time on friday and saturday. If you are interested let me know.
Hi Twinspirit! If you are looking to transfer you may want to look into my guild, Anesidora.
Below is a link to the forum post detailing our guild.
Battletag me if you are interested. (Mewshi#1936)



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