LF laid back Allience guild w/ Raiding

ok first off this is an alt I created to check out the dark side. I am looking for a laid back preferably adult (as I am an adult) raiding/casual guild. I come from hard core raiding but dont have the desire to keep up the 3-4 nights a week 4 hours a night grind to be realm 1st anything. I work hard at knowing my class and role but like things laid back and fun a few laughs. Drama not wanted as this is a game and when the drama starts its easy to log out hence why i prefer an adult guild. right now what i have to offer is this toon yes i know what are you going to do with a lvl 30 druid. leveling doesnt take long with full BOA. 80 prot pally now that herald of the titans is done, and 90 priest, priest was my dragon soul progression toon as holy heals in a top horde guild durring that content. pally and priest are currently horde but can be transfered on a moments notice. I have other toons but are obligated to their horde guilds. I almost forgot a lvl 85 dk thats on another realm blood/frost. if anyone can offer me any advice as my whole WOW life has been horde any descent allience guilds with a chance for raiding hit me up ingame mail this toon or my battle tage is Rkhard#1792
I had to stop reading your post because I caught the AIDs.
03/27/2013 01:26 PMPosted by Bareassed
descent allience guilds

I'm not sure what an "allience" guild is, but a descent one? Does that mean it progressively declines in quality overtime? My inner cynic feels that that statement is a bit redundant.
I missed the fine print where spelling would be graded if I moved from horde. thats what vent is for. spelling not required but thanks for your feedback.
Get trolled bro.

PS - Garona is dead

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