[H] <Dalaran Yacht Club> WPvP RBG's & Booty!

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Kil'Jaedens most patricious guild has docked and we're here to plunder all the booty for ourselves! <Dalaran Yacht Club> is on the account recruiting any scurvy seadog who is interested in PvP and plunder!

Who we are:
We are a small guild full of skilled players who enjoy both organized PvP and world PvP as our focus. We maintain a friendly enviroment and focus on having fun. While we do not compare to much more active WPvP Zerg guilds on this server that boast huge population of people, our members are chatty, friendly, and awesome! Achievement, transmog and mount runs area common thing in the guild, and we hope to get an RBG team going soon.

Who we want:
We are looking for skilled and like-minded players who have in interest in WPvP, and premade BG's and now Rated Battlegrounds. If you are a reliable person who likes to help others out or interested in WPvP we are the guild for you! We'll also take casuals, achievement hunters and alts if you want in on the fun!

What you can expect:
Dalaran Yacht Club focuses heavily on having an internal community. We want to instill our members with a good sense of comradery and friendship - you should be able to be able to trust and rely upon everyone in the guild to help you when you are in need, and not kick you when you are down. We offer free repairs to everyone in the guild, with more perks and bank privelages being open the more you contribute to the guild. We also have a community bank where high ranking members can donate materials in exchange for free gems and enchants. This keeps costs down for all members of the guild and everyone benefits.

Currently Recruiting:
  • Hunters
  • Discipline Priests
  • Mages
  • Paladins
  • If you want to apply, or have any questions, feel free to PST anyone rank pirate or higher in game or reply to this thread.
    Da names Stagnetti
    You look like your being choked to death.. I chuckled
    I like spaghetti.
    We are currently in need of any role that wants to join. Having more healers and tanks within our walls would help.
    I appreciate the bump, but what you wear will not assist in our guilds aquire more swabs to join me crew.
    Da Names Swagnetti.
    Do you even Spelunky?
    ah crap, guess this means i missed my 1k bonus!

    You know you want to get inside me. Come and join us.

    ah crap, guess this means i missed my 1k bonus!

    Eh, you've been with us through thick and thin and contributed tons. Expect it.
    ah crap, guess this means i missed my 1k bonus!

    Same. The hour I was gone, we reached it. lol
    I am going to be poor by the end of the night.
    I am going to be poor by the end of the night.

    Rhonin already gave me Dalaran's treasury.
    Shouldn't you be in bed?
    I'd like to join on my resto shaman to-be.

    Yarrrr we'll take ye. Just message one of the aforementioned deckhands and ye will be getting an invite.

    We are currently looking for TWO Skilled DPS classes who can:
  • Interrupt spellcasting
  • Not Stand in poop
  • Know their class inside and out
  • For our Challenge mode team. Must be patient and willing to learn.

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