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Hello Garrosh!
My boyfriend and I are looking to transfer to a better *hopefully" and more populated/raid friendly server. Our team has been floundering since the release of MoP and are looking for a more commited raid team. We are alliance, current mains are S.Priest/Lock ilvl 499/500. We are raid aware, punctual, mature Adults and come with our own materials. Our preferred times are 4server-9server mon-saturday, sunday anytime. We do have other lvl 90 toons, and be geared appropriatly quickly if needed. If you think this is a place for us, pls leave a msg and I will check back in a day or too. Thank you for your time. Happy Killing.
Check in with me via real Id rogue2605@yahoo.com
If you haven't found anything, hit me up. Averlynna#1448

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