481 Hunter/ 475 Mage LF Raiding Guild.

Hello! Guild I was in just didn't have room for me. I understand that my gear level isn't high enough for a core group, but if your guild has room on a 2nd/3rd raiding squad for a Hunter or Mage PST.

You can contact: feelsgoodmon or pepperuangus at anytime.

My mage should be higher than 475 next week (adding some rep gear)
Hi there,

Not sure about your raid schedule is and what kind of guild you may be looking for so here is a quick run down of us. We raid Mon, Wed, and Fri 6pm-9pm PST. If those work for you check out our codex at www.div9.us. It should give you a very good idea of what our personality and play style is.

Thanks for your time
I am looking for a Mage and Hunter. Reforming a raid team, and some are geared low as well. We are willing to help and run MV or HoF to help get gear.

Our raid days are Wed-Fri 9pm - 1am
Hey Arcadefire, we are recruiting

About Us:
Involution (Thrall-US) 13/16, 1/12 is a 10 man raiding guild raiding Wednesday 7pm – 11pm and Sunday 8pm - 11pm server time (EST). Our leadership and core has been playing together since TBC, with raiding experience from Vanilla to Mists of Pandaria. Our goal is to complete content and competitively progress through 5.2 and beyond within our two day schedule. We foster a fun environment to learn and be a part of.

What we’re looking for:
We’re looking for players who are familiar with their class and spec and ideally maximize their playtime to be as effective as possible in Raid. This includes farming consumables and gold for repairs as well as researching upcoming encounters. Potential applicants interested should maintain valor cap week to week and currently have at least 480 ilvl. Exceptions can be made for lack of gear for the right player. Guild members are expected to show up to scheduled raids on time and ready to pull by start of raid, excellent attendance is a must in a 10 man setting!

Currently we're looking to add the following classes to our roster:

- 2 Ranged DPS

Other classes not listed are encouraged to apply. We always are interested in taking on new guild members who are eager and excited to raid and be involved in a guild. Feel free to contact myself, Hohonok or Aruthra in game for more information or fill out an application via our website below if you are interested in joining!


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