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T15 - 2/12 Normal mode
T14 - 6/6 6/6 4/4 Normal mode


Defiant has for the last four years been widely known as a large, friendly, and organized guild. We are the only guild to consistently run 4+ individual raid teams to accommodate our members. Our raid teams raid on two set nights per week.

Loot is simple. MS > OS with a / roll. We have not had issues in using this system for years.

We are looking for some solid and skilled people to fill out our PvE Raid rosters. We are not looking for players with big egos, elitists, or people that in general need to have stuff go their way every time they log on. We place a high value on friendly and mature people. Available roster spots can be found on our website forums.

We also have an active PvP community and are in the process of setting up a second RBG team. Again, details can be found on our website.

Feel free to fill out an app at:


All max level friendly and mature people looking for a home are welcome to apply.

Current PvE needs for our four 10 man teams:

Holy Paladin (Wednesday/Sunday Raid)
Prot Paladin/Prot Warrior(Tuesday/Wednesday Raid)
Rogue (Tuesday/Wednesday Raid)

We are always recruiting interested players, and will form additional raid teams if we acquire enough sub raiders!

What time are your Thursday Friday 10 man raids at?
What time are your Thursday Friday 10 man raids at?

8pm-10pm Server on Thursday (They may be extending this to 11pm, it's still being discussed)
8pm-midnight Server on Friday.
WTB Resto Drood/ MW Monk for Thursday/Friday raid. PST
Bump for 4/12 ToT

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