Holy Paladin's Issues

I believe paladins do not have an efficient way of dealing with cleaves and on a more acute scale wizcleave teams. In most scenarios, such as a 3v3 environment paladins have a very difficult time effectively healing because of the inability to protect their team while in CC's. Other classes are offered much more mobility, not being anchored down by the demand to cast. For example, you may lock out a druid, but his mage is saved just in time by the 200k Lifebloom ending. Not only are paladin's direct casted heals not able to compete number wise, they cannot be casted in an aoe or mobile fashion. Paladins are also restricted in a global sense in 3v3 games. While druids and priest can put up damage prevention abilities like power word shield or Lifebloom, if a paladin isn't immediately healing then his team is losing hp very rapidly. This restricts a paladin to use his globals on healing instead of fear/cyclone etc. If you believe Holy Shock, WoG is efficient in providing mobility, you must realize, sometimes its total "RNG" whether or not you have holy power when you so desperately need it. This is just my opinion, and if you disagree I want to hear it, primarily because I'm always open to a new approach to my class.
You might get some agreement here in the paladin forum, but the devs don't look here.

If you take it to the healer forum all of your concerns will be cancelled by the fact that you have a bubble.

Gotta remember hand of sacrifice and hand of purity. If you go into clemency(i tihnk thats the new talent for this) you can double cast bubbles, one one yourself and one on your team, I used to pvp a little. Was always stacking haste and crit in cata. Best thing is to stack bubbles or holy power early, and chain your ccs. hammer, pent, blinding light. bubble sprint away when you have to. There are ways to make it work, but its not pretty and your not gonna be able to do this without cds
I have a 90 paladin just posting on my mage but my holydin can heal on the move and keep his health up or any other easily if you want a decent HoT spec into Eternal Flame best healer talent in that tier and CC wise Trinket if you are pvper Bubble if the situation is dire and if just slowed or w/e use Hand of Freedom (i think its what its called the symbol is orange). if its a melee attacking your allies use that lesser bubble that protects against melee attacks. Also cleanse should cure mostly anything. also in addition healing wise its best go with holy prism unless you feel the need of more aoe heals.

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