[H] WTS fresh level 25 guild, 3 bank tabs

I am selling a fresh level 25 guild with 3 bank tabs. Message me in game or reply here
I assume is the Guild Time of Ages, 330 points acheivements and no mounts no pets.

I am interested in transfer this char to Blackrock, i can give you 50k , can be in alliance (transfer first and later change the faction of the char) or horde.

Will be easy answer here than add me, i am not in game but can enter to do the deal.
That sounds perfect I will add you, And I will be in game in an hour
Okey, please told me if alliance or Horde the money, for make my actions.
I will be making the sale on Horde
Okey . I begin to do the ptocess and transfer in ten minutes (editing a document in my work now)
I begin the transfer right now. I hope can change names =P
Waiting =( show as pending.
Arrived. I am Caminante, a female orc shaman
Trade Done, ty for the business.

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