[A] Bards of Noblegarden

< Numerous parchments of similar quality may perhaps be seen hung aloft from the winding streets of Stormwind, yet as well the dimly lit corridors of Ironforge. Perhaps less so to have by chance been placed amid other frequently trodden locales...Though, regardless of where, would all state the same; embellishments of faintly shimmering writing therein to seek the eye of passerby. >

"To whom it may concern,

The season of Noblegarden nears and shall soon be upon all, celebration to herald immense mirth and momentary reprieve from the oppressive circumstances which surround us. Noblegarden's renown seeking and feasting, long founded tradition of Azeroth, will certainly captivate or enthrall many of its denizens in one form or another. It is in such rare moments of peace that open invitation for evening of levity and homage as this may be seen.

In festive celebration of community and prosperity, as well to further embody the merits of Noblegarden, does the Twilight Empire and those of Bardic Tales invite all to attend friendly competition! Bardic contest will be held at Goldshire, Elwynn Forest for any interested in well company and prizes! Such will commence at approximately 8:00PM upon the 3rd of April. We encourage all to attend in good spirits and welcome those whom wish participate or merely observe!

All desires of submission must be sent to the office of "Minister Erber Spellfixer" via the Alliance post, late given missives to this effect null. All entries must pertain to Noblegarden in suitable and related form, should triumph be awarded by judging panel. That presented may be song, story, or poetic piece!

Once more are all welcome to this bidden gathering, we to be hopeful of your timely and generous arrivals.

- The Twilight Empire

Bardic Tales

(( Greetings!

- Please, send an in-game mail to Erber should you wish to participate! No late entries accepted!

- Entries may either be creative and appropriate song, story, or poetic work! (Noblegarden related!)

- Goldshire, Elwynn Forest (8:00PM)!

- April 3rd!

We hope to see you all there to join in the RP and fun such evening has to offer! ))
Entries may either be creative and appropriate song, story, or poetic work!

(( so... this 'appropriate' thing... what is it, exactly? ))
As a bard much of my trade is to preserve the histories and works of others by keeping them alive in song. Many of my best performance pieces are not penned by my own hand, my opus is not yet complete, do you require original works or will cited works performed with all the deserved pomp and splendor do?
Erber, Might I beg of you to translate that to the rest of the realms in terms of time zones? For instance. I know RH is three hours difference from the west coast. Where it is midnight here, Pacific time, it is already 3 a m in Ravenholdt server time.

Who is good at math?

Nymic, I expect that the theme of Noblegarden or something similar would be appropriate. Perhaps a song about spring? Or rabbits...maybe about eggs and the goodies? I can see stories of what happens when brave warriors get caught wearing rabbit ears?
(( I love this idea and I'm so excited to see the collaboration between TE and Bardic Tales! I can't wait to see what some of the talented people of this server come up with!

As for times:

8:00pm Eastern = 7:00pm Central= 6:00pm Mountain= 5:00pm Pacific ^_^

I'm looking forward to this! ))
(( Thank you very much for the clarification on times, Aer. I am as well eager to see this happen, for which I must reiterate: Send mail to me in game if wishing to participate!

- Oolaki: It is a strange and elusive creature. Some say it doesn't exist, yet others are wild enough to believe...( Something fitting to the presented themes of Noblegarden! :P )

- Nymic: Though an original work is preferred, other homage and or performances gathered from elsewhere are welcome still. Yet, you may surmise the judging panel would certainly prefer a freshly made presentation, eh? ^_~ ))
Have you posted this in the World's End Tavern forums? I think you should and encourage more participation as well.
(( Indeed, this advertisement has been posted there as well. ))
(( This event is tomorrow~ Very excited! ))
(( A small thanks to all who attended this event. The contributions and present were well enjoyed and we hope to see greater support in times to come so all may partake! ))
(( Indeed! Thank you all! *Hugs* ))
((I thought it was the 8th.... stupid memory...))

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