504ilv disc priest LF new home/RAIDING guild

Area 52
i been playing wow since tbc came out and looking for day time or LATE night guild 10 man or 25 man i dont care i just want get off my dead server i clear everthing in tbc wrath and cata looking for new place call home i all ways bring flasks and 300stat buff food to raid everday i am 6/12 normal mode TOT i will learn fighting fast and i watch all the guilde to boss we are working on
<Brutality> lvl 25(6/12)Tot 10 man late night raid guild times are 12:30-3:30am Tues,Weds,Thurs morning.. we are in need of a disc priest

you can get at me on my real id(jazzboy9431@gmail.com) or respond back on here
If you'd be interested in 25man, we might be good fit. We're currently 6/12 as a 25man and our 10man continuations are 9/12.

Tues/Thurs @ 10pm EST to 1am EST.


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