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Hi all,

I'm the GM/Founder of WRWR. Our guild has been around for about 3-4 years. Its been through many transitions over the years. We started out on Burning Legion (PvP server) when it was much more populated. A lot of our officers and myself took a hiatus during Cata as we all hated the expansion. We came back in MoP, and love the expansion but the server died. So...here we are.

We have a lot of LGBT members, and the server atmosphere has been superb, except that one person here and there, you know who you are <3.

I've had the pleasure of running into a few of you already with some of my guildies, fun little quarrels, all in fun of course. I'm not one for rivalry, unless its in good spirit. I do not wish to "compete" with existing PvP guilds, but rather cooperate. We need to forge alliances that work as we are greatly out numbered. One of my reasons for xfering here with my officers is just that, we are greatly out numbered and PvP against alliance is VERY easy to find.

Most people think the opposite...lol They are so wrong about that. I've played this game for a long time. Disc priest since early BC, Lock before that. I've been pretty much a career GM in WoW, leading this very guild into some of the greatest world pvp domination sequences ever. From being a top PvP guild, down to the bottom and back....transitions.

I expect we'll do well here, we are generally a very casual guild. We take PvP as fun, not a competition. We offer all the usuals, repairs, vent access, and so on. We will as we get numbers begin hosting our trademark Free for all tournaments, pitting all against all for a prize of 5-10k gold, or more...depending on bank funds for the week.

We try to keep things going. I want social people in the guild, people who are active and ambitious about getting guild things done.

We are also LGBT friendly to all people, including people with disabilities.

im interested, just would like to talk with some of you guys, was thinking of tranferring over to the server
Sounds good, roll a toon and hit me up.

Steadily growing getting my officers over and other members. It is only a matter of time now.

FYI if you're ever looking for people to fill RBG spots there are always a number of skilled players over in DM looking to jump in. ;D
Sounds great! Thanks <3
Good to have you on the server. :) The same goes for B&T on what Gantzie stated. MoP kinda hit our roster pretty hard with the changes, so we lost quite a bit of players. Either way looking forward to seeing you guys around and helping poke those sticks :P
I scared them away due to Org raiding. :(
Haha. I dont really know what it was for some. Others went back to school or got full time jobs. Prolly what I should be doing lol
School/work? What's that.
Something I hate doing I know that much lol
LOL or Kids, for some of us ;)
Bump <3
Our guild is forming RBG groups, and all that stuff now so if interested in that or just general PvP fun post here or find one of us online.
Bump <3

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