Mage LF Core Raid Spot for ToT Progression

Looking for a core raid position if possible. I mained this character all throughout Cataclysm and have had plenty of raiding experience since, however, my current raid team is in dire need of my healer and has no use for the Mage unfortunately. Though I have very little progression on this character specifically, I have healed 16/16 N and 5/6 MV HM. I am well versed on the ToT encounters as well, but have not had the opportunity to step in as of yet.

Here is a link to my main:

I'm reasonably flexible with raid times and am willing to respec, change profs, or whatever would benefit the raid team.

If anyone is interested, or would like to bring me along as a trial run, ether reply in here or whisper me in game. I will be sure be as quick as possible to respond. I would preferably like to join with others who like to have fun, have a good sense of humor (not easily offended...), but still take things reasonably seriously. I am interested in PvP as well, but am primarily focused on PvE.

PVE: 492 ilvl (currently)


... Don't ask about the battletag. :P

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