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Hi all, I had a question and am asking for some tips. I do 2v2 arena with my friend, a resto shammy, and I can't seem to kill people by myself. I am a noob yeah but was wondering if anyone had some pointers in arena to get kills. Mostly talking dps/heals because my burst can take down most double dps teams. Thanks in advance all!
realistically, your not gonna do much in 2v2, SP healer isnt that good, you need SP and another DPS like rogue or mage and then youll do some damage
Ok thank you. We ended up playing alts for 2s, hpally and hunter its working pretty well. Ill save the priest fun for 3s :D
Here's a video of my resto shammy and me fooling around for points. Low rating but we went 9 and 0

The way you win is getting you burst all lined up. Get 3 orbs, use your fiend and get a CC chain on your off target. fear, silence, hex. It may take 2 rotations to get them to blow cooldowns.
Oh cool, I will check it out in a little bit. Thnks for the advice! For once no trolls when asking a PvP question!!
Ud probably want to go with Solace in a healer comp vs healer comp. Its really all u have to continue pumping burst in after blowing plague.

Wait for your cc to be up (fear/silence/horror). Get vt/swp on both and get 3 orbs up. Wait on a DI proc and start dispelling kill targets buffs (don't let dots fall off). Get into a position where it will be hard for them to pillar u, u have ur shaman hex the other target, trink/fiend/3pt dp/insanity-flay (3channels)/blast. Silence out of the hex and get in position to fear off the silence, into another hex.

If u didn't just blow ur wad randomly and had it setup, that should score a kill. Shaman can blow his dps cooldowns also to helpout getting them into swd range asap.
I like Videoh's option, keep the healer silenced/cc'd.

Or, since you and your Shaman have some interrupts between the two of you, you could even blow up the healer first, hex the DPS, silence/dps healer (wait for 3 orb DP, have Solace, shaman uses his interrupt on healer post silence), hex breaks- fear it, few seconds in drop psyfiend, and both you and shaman blow up the healer.

CC is your friend in 2v2, and between the two of you, you have a decent amount, including interrupts.

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