IRL Wyrmcon

Wyrmrest Accord
I wish I weren't so busy. T-T

Not to mention, many of my guildies are questioning my gender, and they'll never know. Never.
IRL Revash 2 strong. Reminds me of the RL pictures thread and THAT ONE DWARF WOULD ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH." Welcome Ladies and Gents, to the carnival!" But yes, we need more "Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"
I have no money
I would Attend if it was in November-ish or After.
And help set up locate and what not. I live in San Diego and travel back and for to Fresno. So as long as its a weekend. Easy day.
Also have a very large F150 Crew Cab long bed for hauling :)

Just ask for email or FB to contact me as i am Deployed ATM
Long ago and far away a server arranged to have a meeting at GenCon, which is in Indianapolis, which IS pretty much smack dab in the middle of the US.

There's a large convention center and loads of other things to do, the city itself isn't henously expensive, and there's enough other things to do to hide if things do become, as previously mentioned...awkward.

Just tossing that out there.
For me wouldn't matter what side of the country it's on, as I'm smack dab in the Heartland XD
Im going to go....NOT.
I have no money
If I had the money and could stand being on a plane, i'd bring my gear and play.

But, you know, unemployed and CRIPPLING FEAR OF HEIGHTS.
This would be a great idea if there was a mini Wyrmcon in Canada, too! Don't forget about us eh.
But, you know, unemployed and CRIPPLING FEAR OF HEIGHTS.

The solution to your problem... become a Ukrainian.
And therein lies the reason why the idea didn't work out before. The last group wanted to do the convention in Ohio, with those on the West Coast griping that it was on the other side of the country and they wouldn't be able to travel that far.

Somehow, it seems that we don't have many Wyrmies that live smack dab in the middle of the country.

I don't even care how far it is. I just don't have the cash for it. If we managed to get the cash I would totally do it.
Why not have Wyrmies/Accordians meet in their local areas first?
I don't want to meet any of you people! >:(
I don't want to meet any of you people! >:(

Then get off my lawn!
Maybe instead of a convention you can have Meetups at a place? That way, less money, those who can make it from nearby will, and you can still have fun without breaking the bank.

Meetups usually have smaller groups, and even if you still want to do something bigger that way you have made connections with those in your area who could help out.

But yeah. I'm broke as well (to see my Cousin's wedding in California I had to ask my parents to pay for the place tickets as my birthday present.). This economy ain't good on people's wallets. :<

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