DK tips and tricks for T14 and 15

Death Knight
I thought I'd make a thread for all of the little tips that we've figured out as a community for specific encounters. There are other sites around for this but I thought I'd make a post here to try and compile as much as I can. I did not find all of these out and do not claim credit for them, I've merely gathered them all up and am posting to help the general community. Credits to Elitist Jerks and many other internet sites for contributions. Please leave a post if I've missed something that may be beneficial and I'll update it to this thread

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Tier 14 Fights!
Mogu'Shan Vaults

Stone Guards:
  • Army is best used before the pull
  • Having Death's advance makes you less susceptible to the petrification slow than other players, and activating it makes you move at 100%, regardless of how many stacks of petrification are out.
  • AMZ can absorb an overload quite nicely for the raid if things go wrong.
  • AMS absorbs the boatload of azure mines, and makes you immune to the root and gives lots of free RP
  • Feng the Accursed:
  • Army is best used before the pull
  • AMZ can be used to negate minor raid damage when a Nullification Barrier isn't present
  • Heroic only Tips:
  • Gorefiend's grasp is fantastic for stacking the adds during the shield phase, and moving them further away from the shield.
  • You can also single deathgrip any adds about to run into the shield.
  • Chilblains can be used to slow the shield phase adds.
  • Garajal the Spirit Binder:
  • Army is best used before the pull
  • Remorseless winter allows you AoE stun the adds in the spirit realm.
  • Death pact is very good for burst healing when you have a voodoo doll, or are in the spirit realm.
  • Glyph of dark succor constantly procs, giving not only exceptional, free self heals, but death strike also does decent damage for free.
  • Dark Succor also helps stack that buff you get from overhealing in the spirit world.
  • The Spirit Kings:
  • Army is best used before the pull (debatable on heroic)
  • Gorefiend's grasp allows you to stack the raid during maddening shout, allowing the group to avoid stacking beforehand.
  • You can use dark simulacrum on raid members during maddening shout. Asking for a mages armor (1 min of 5% crit or 3k mastery), a warlock's darksoul, or a warlock's doom-guard.
  • Fun fact, if you have symbiosis from a druid, and manage to Dsim wild mushroom: detonate, you can detonate your disease mushroom!
  • Glyph of Dsim makes the above even better.
  • Avoid using howling blast during maddening shout.
  • Icebound fortitude will remove the pinning arrow in the rare event you get hit.
  • Elegon:
  • Using AMS right before Total Annihilation completely negates its damage and instantly caps your RP.
  • AMZ significantly reduces damage from total annihilation for the ranged/healer group
  • Glyph of pestilence allows your diseases, when spread from the boss, to hit all 6 orbs during p2.
  • AMZ is a nice raid CD during the final burn phase.
  • Pooling runes and KM procs during the orb phases makes DKs one of the best orb classes
  • Army is best used during the end of the second p3, before the transition to the final burn.
  • Will of The Emperor:
  • Gorefiend's grasp can group the rages together quite nicely, they can also be deathgriped.
  • Line up your cooldowns with titan gas (irrelevant in heroic)
  • Chilblains works on both the rages and the courages, and can slow a courage before it puts it's shield up, if timed right.
  • Army as soon as the bosses come up.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Heart of Fear:

    Imperial Vizier Zorlok:
  • Dark simulacrum works on raid members affected by convert.
  • AMS prevents the damage and silence from the gas in the center of the room.
  • Gorefiend's grasp can grip together converted people, and makes breaking them out much easier.
  • Army at the end of p1, around 41-40%
  • Blade Lord:
  • Army is best used before the pull
  • Purgatory cuts down on gibs from unseen strike.
  • Glyph of shifting presences, makes switching to blood presence during the tornado run at 20%, and 10% even easier to survive, and all but removes the already slight runic loss.
  • Garalon:
  • Using HB on the body hits front legs
  • AMS makes you unable to receive pheromones, and unable to pass it on. Use it right after receiving pheromones to stay alive.
  • IBF does NOT break the crush knockback, nor does PoF make you immune to it.
  • Wind Lord:
  • Both desecrated ground and icebound fortitude break the amber on you. Simply run 5 feet outside the melee, pop one, and run back in.
  • Army is best used right before killing the first set of adds on heroic.
  • Death grip helps to postion the adds your raid plans to CC.
  • Amber Shaper Un'sok:
  • Dark simulacrum can be used on amber constructs shortly before they break out, and remains with the player after they are broken out, allowing you to copy spells. Try going for mage armor, or warlock cooldowns, but it's normally worth trying your luck with whomever becomes a construct.
  • Glyph of Dsim makes the above better.
  • AMZ is great for absorbing an entire explosion, from either a free add or the monstrosity.
  • Army is best used at the start of p3/end of p2/ or even the start of p2. Not during p1.
  • Grand Empress Shek'zeer:
  • Chilblains slows the windblades.
  • Remorseless winter is a very effective stun to prolong the life of the trap, after you've trapped a reaver.
  • Lichborne breaks both fears in the final phase, and AMS prevents the application of fear. You can stay in the group and pop AMS with visions of demise.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------
    Terrace Of Endless Springs:

    Protectors of the Endless
  • The lightning stun can be broken with IBF and Desecrated ground, as well as AMS. Use them before the stun starts to avoid the aoe DoT altogether.
  • Dsim can be used on lighting bolt every 30 seconds for a small gain, but not on water bolt.
  • Tsulong:
  • The adds during the day can be both deathgripped and gorefiend's grasped.
  • AMS prevents the fear if used preemptively, and lichborne and desecrated ground both break it.
  • AMS absorbs the majority of terrorize, and can save your life if you don't get a dispell.
  • Glyph of unholy command procs constantly, allowing you to grip many more adds then you would be able to without the glyph.
  • Gorefiend's grasp can grip every unstable, if used when they are very close to the boss. This, combined with an aoe stun from a warrior or lock, makes aoeing them down easy.
  • Glyph of death grip is useful for gripping.
  • Death grip is very useful for positioning the big add in front of the boss.
  • Lei-Shi:
  • During get away, glyph of pillar of frost's root prevents you from being sent back, and the lack of overall movement during the fight makes the root nearly unnoticeable when get away is not being cast.
  • The adds can be moved away from the tanks, possibly saving them, with both gorefiend's grasp and death grip. Glyph death grip to not taunt though, or the adds will kill you instead.

  • Army CAN be used to mostly control an add phase, make sure it's unglyhed and check with your group.
  • Army, if not being used to control adds, is an awesome damage boost on heroic, ideally used after your group has 10-20+ stacks, and during a hide.
  • Sha of Fear
  • Lichborne/desecrated ground breaks both the breath of fear and the dread spray on the platform, while ams prevents them from being applied.
  • Orbs on the platform double your rune regen for their duration, which is about 7 seconds.
  • Adds in p2 can be slowed by chilblains.
  • Huddle cannot be broken by AMS, IBF, or DesG
  • Tier 15. Throne of Thunder!

    Jin'kroh the Breaker:
  • Stand at max melee range, to spend as much time in conductive water as possible.
  • AMS soaking perfect during lighting storm, and in electrified water if there isn't a conductive up.
  • AMS can be used to ignore ionization on heroic, use it right before ionization comes out to avoid the debuff, but DO NOT use it after ionization, as it will dispel you. The timer on ionization seems to be about 1:33 seconds, so it's possible to use AMS about halfway through lighting storm as well, but it's very tight.
  • AMZ very good on a stacked raid, to take a major portion of static burst or focused lightning.
  • Horridon:
  • Dark Sim can be used on the fireball/lightning spell from the Shamans on the fourth door
  • Army after the 4th door is destroyed so they benefit from 200% increased damage. On heroic, you can army on the pull and it should be up again a second time when he's taking 200% more damage.
  • Stone gaze can be broken with IBF/DesG.
  • You can AMS soak the sand traps (yellow pools, 1st door), venom bolt volley (cast, 2nd door), living posions (green pool, 2nd door), frozen orbs (3rd door), and lighting nova totem (4th door).
  • You can gorefiend's grasp and stun(asphyxiate, remorseless winter) the "little" adds. Little adds seem to be any add coming out of the door, big adds seem to jump down from the top, and cannot be gripped or slowed or stunned.
  • Council of Elders:
  • AMS during overload will make FS give back more runic then it consumes.
  • Saving runes and cds for sandstorm adds will skyrocket your damage.
  • Loa spirits can be gripped and stunned/rooted/slowed.
  • Gorefiend's grasp can be used on Sul's sandstorm adds to quickly gather and AoE burn them down
  • Tortos:
  • Glyphed IBF will stop half of the quaking stomps from stunning you, as well as reduce the damage they deal.
  • You can use AMS for Rockfall for tons of RP
  • Chilblains slows the turtles and bats.
  • Glyph of Dark Succor can be used to help negate damage from stomps
  • Megaera:
  • AMS clears the Cinders spell effect, as well as giving you a hefty amount of RP
  • AMS soaking Acid Rain/Acid Bombs = free RP
  • AMS allows you to run through frost patches and take no damage and get free RP
  • AMZ is a ok but trivial way to prevent some raid damage from Rampages.
  • Ji'kun:
  • Feed pools and flying food can be AMS soaked.
  • Death's advance makes down draft easier to deal with, while glyph of pillar of frost makes you immune to the pushback. The closer you are to the boss, the less pushback there is.
  • In some cases, you can go from one platform to another without using a feather, all you need is goblin glider.
  • Flying directly above the boss during feed young should give you the 100% damage buff 100% of the time.
  • Durumu the Forgotten:
  • All light spectrums can be AMS soaked while standing in them for medium runic.
  • AMS seems to make you immune to drain life during it's duration.
  • Primordius:
  • Best way to avoid stepping on puddles when you are mutated is to stand between the boss and the wall.
  • Army is suggested for add damage, as they do 25% to the boss regardless of whether or not you are mutated (unconfirmed)
  • Dark Animus:
  • AMS prevent damage from Massive Anima Golem's Explosive slam and the application of the debuff
  • Iron Qon:
  • AMS prevents scorched from being applied, and negates most of the damage from unleashed flame.
  • IBD/DesG breaks stuns.
  • Death's advance negates most of the movement part of frozen blood
  • Twin Consorts:
  • AMSing in fire trial gives runic
  • Lei Shen:
  • Desecrated Group can be used to prevent or break stuns caused by Overcharged
  • You can ams every thunderstruck in p1, and every second thunderstruck in p2.
  • You can gorefiend's grip the adds, but the balls spread out again quickly.
  • AMZ negates thunderstruck for the melee ground.
  • AMZ also amazing on static shock during transition.
  • Death's advance helps to counter the wind in p3
  • Ra Den:
    Tips will be posted if this is ever killed o.0
    Thank you for posting this! It helps with my raid research.
    I'd like to add more to this list as we find out more tricks. Please contribute anything you can
    We need to get a sticky on this, this is really helpful.

    It's also worth noting that on Gara'jal, Dark Succor also helps stack that buff you get from overhealing in the spirit world.
    Gorefiend's grasp can be used on Sul's sandstorm adds to quickly gather and AoE burn them down.
    Dark Succor Glyph is a DPS increase on

    Horridon adds
    Council Loa Spirits / Sandstorm adds
    Tortos adds
    Ji-Kun eggs etc etc

    not to mention very useful healing on Council/Tortos if your learning the encounter (can save the DS heal for after a stomp).

    you can AMS Blanka's Roll on Council (when hes not next for possession)

    you can Dark Sim the fireball/lightning spell from the Shamans on the fourth door (Horridon) does 85k?

    and of course Soul reaper every add that you can on each add fight.
    Just to be clear we're looking for encounter specific tips. Saying things like use soul reaper isn't exactly what I'm looking for. I've added a few to the list. Thanks for your contributions.
    On Elegon, using AMS right before Total Annihilation completely negates its damage and instantly caps your RP.

    On Feng, use AMZ liberally whenever he casts his big moves and Nullification Barrier isn't available. Your healers will thank you.
    Any other suggestions? I'd like to try and sticky this if possible

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