WTS: Full set of Jeeves materials!

Moon Guard
Got your schematic for the best carry-around butler an Engineer can get?
Don't have the time or want to get all the stuff together to make him, but have some spare gold?
I don't often do this, but I felt the want to farm up enough materials to make another Jeeves - but I did this to sell them!

This set consists of:
  • Field Repair Bot 74A x2
  • Field Repair Bot 110G x10
  • Scrapbot Construction Kit x20
  • Titansteel Bar x8
  • King's Amber x2
  • Handful of Cobalt Bolts x30
  • Looking to sell for 6,000g Alliance-side. Questions or reasonable offers, let me know!
    Can contact me via in-game mail or here if you have questions or reasonable offers. :D
    Bumping this, along with having adjusted the price. ^^;
    I assure you, this is a completely safe transaction and your Jeeves will (likely) not blow up as a result of using these parts!
    The hard part is the -pattern- :P When I went to farm it, I didn't get it!

    ..granted, I didn't try too hard for it. Still, good luck getting those sold!
    I recommend farming around the Inventor's Library in Storm Peaks - it's where I got mine and it wasn't too bad of a place for farming the pattern. Respawn rates aren't bad nor are the proximity of the enemies.

    But thank you. I just figured some folks may want a faster way to nab a Jeeves after farming the schematic. ^^

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