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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Life isn't easy. All of us here know that. Humanity has been facing immense challenges. We have suffered immeasurable losses. Each man lost is a husband who will never again hold his wife, a father who will never see his children grow, a son who will never come home. In dark times as this, it is important that we band together, form unbreakable bonds with each other, and persevere through loss, betrayal, and fear. The Order of the Rose has served the Alliance since the Third War, founded by a simple soldier, Liam Ammund, seeking to bind together loved ones who had lost a home, a friend, or a family member when Lordaeron was lost. Now led by Liam's sons, Arden and Abberen, the Order is a tight-knit group of men and women of various races, bound by their duty to the Alliance, and their care for one another, and their desire to free the world from the evils caused by the Horde's manic warmongering.
If you wish to join our cause, contact Arden ((in-game Ammund)), Abberen, or Wealth. Any of the three of us will be able to get your started.

((OOC Info--
level 25 guild
Mostly active from 5/6 server time until the wee hours of the morning (especially if we get into an RP)
mostly young adults, but we are very serious about what we do in RP. (unless it's making fun of godmodders.)
Experience RPing is fantastic, but if you're new, just let us know and we'll answer questions.

/roll is a beautiful thing.
We use TRP2 addon for character bio/personality/description stuff.
We have Vent (and Teamspeak, but no one ever uses it. It's available though. /shrug)
We have a website that's in the works. A couple stories are up, working on more!

GM and second-in-command officer along with other officers working on a ridiculously detailed guild storyline/ guild lore.
If you're interested in contributing to our guild's main story line, come RP with us. Show us your character. Let him/ her shine! And don't be afraid to RP as several characters.

All us officers are --::obsessed::-- with transmog gear.

Contact any of these characters in-game: Ammund, Abberen, Wealth, Cophelia, Nephelia, Mikaéus, Murín.

There's our guild! I must say it's the best guild I've ever been in on WoW, been with it since the guild charter days. Please let us know if you're interested!
While this seems like a cool and immersion - licious roleplay, I have to inquire whether its closed or you roleplay "freelance". If freelance, I might recommend you refrain from relating yourself to existing major NPCs. Best of luck, however.
Our goal has always been to stay within the lines of what is proper rp and what is not, but at the same time bringing wonderful and deep storylines. Normally when it comes to things such as, Liam fleeing to Stormwind to Lordaeron in our short stories, it is done from the point of a follower and not actually interacting with that person. If there are any confusions when it comes to names, that is purely coincidental and should not be reflected upon our storyline or rp. I know Liam shares the name of Prince Liam from Gilneas, but are two completely different people. None of the characters in our guild relate themselves to any NPCs in any way. Unless they are that bad of an rper...which please do not let that reflect upon our guild haha. I hope that sorted any sort of confusion.

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