[A] Want to know how to be <Curiously Tasty>?

Hello! Curiously Tasty is a new guild (level 3) that is a social/leveling casual guild that is event based to help build friendships and community.

We plan to start doing events when we have a good handful of people that can attend. The type of events we wish to do together include but are not limited to:
Old content
PvP night
LFR night
Transmog contests
and other player created events

So if you are looking for more than just a zerg guild to level your character, a place to build friendships and experience the game together then come check us out!

For more information or an invite please contact Dorìtos (ALT 141 for the ì), Blastybits, Rhawlee, or Mobalhs.

Thank you and hope to see you in game!
Bump and an update.

We are almost level 5. Gaining people every few days, the evening and weekends are pretty active.

If you're seeking a guild to call home and to make some new friends, hit us up!
Level 6 now and still recruiting!
Level 9 and growing!

Still recruiting, we're small but friendly and want to enjoy the game with a good group of people.

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