[H] <Vanquish> Recruiting for 10 man raids

Hi all!

Vanquish is currently recruiting all roles for our casual 10 man raid team.

We are a casual guild of players that don't take ourselves too seriously and can't commit to a full time raid schedule. As such we only have one raid day per week which is Saturday.

While we are casual we would still like to progress through the content rather than just run LFR. we are seeking casual players of all roles particularly the following;

* 1 off-tank (Shield pref)
* 2 healers, and
* 4-5 DPS of any variety

If you would like more info please PST me in game or reply to this thread!
Update: Raiding day is Sunday.
Would be interested but cannot raid unless its Saturday/Sunday
Definetly interested. I work nights, monday - friday. Weekend is perfect for me.

Can bring in fury dps, holy pally, mist/brew monk
Would really like to get some more info,
~What times on Sunday is raid time, and for how many hrs?
~Guild Size? (Active inidividual players)
~Extra guild activates

I may be ale to log on later and msg you but if you read this 1st any infor would be great!

I got a few people trying to do something similar - hit me up in game as you are not online right now ... and it is Sunday night >.>

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