<Waiting for a Mate> New guild LFM :)


<Waiting for a Mate> ! As the Thread title says, we're a newly formed guild looking for new members of all kinds.

Run by myself and a good mate, we're pretty laid back and love having a laugh but we are also good players more than keen to get some good progression down without the feeling of having a second job.

We will be raiding Wednesday / Sunday / Monday 7:30-11 Server-time, starting at 8:30 on Monday nights due to some commitments. We understand that RL comes first and don't shun you for missing a night or two as long as it's not consistent and you give us warning (if possible)

If you think you like the sound of a chilled out place to level alts, or wanna make some new friends while getting good progression and experience, give us a holler in game, on this forum, or send me some mail. K-n-alt0220-d (don't ya just hate those bastards with the annoying letters!)

Will be organising a vent soon where we can all have a chat while playing whenever :)

Cheers and hope to hear from many of you soon

Still Looking!

Looking for 1 HPally or D/HPriest to fill raid roster.

Always looking for more members keen to get involved and have a laugh

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