@Baibai and Ico


Miss you guys!
BRO let's go BRO
WHAT? Where are you guys going? :(
Ji-Kun stole their mojo and put in into a staff.
Dess bro I don't know if you've heard but I'm just having this extravagant jet set life right now and can't really raid... it's fine cuz CS just picked up this dude who burns super pro. I don't feel bad for being fabulous IRL if they got someone like that to take my spot. I miss everyone though!

<3 Gio

P.S. That dikface jikun didn't drop my staff after three kills and three bonus rolls... like, Blizz loves me, but they also hate me
The real reason the staff hasn't dropped is because you're a huge nerd who nobody likes.
And your hair is silly, your transmog sets were ugly, and I'm not jealous at all.
I saw a thread that says hello to Baibai, So I'm saying hello to Baibai too.

Hope you are having fun, mr. Rock Star!

That's so awesome. :D

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