{H} Esoteric 10, is recruiting

Esoteric is a 10 man Horde raiding guild comprised of players with a lot of prior raid experience that came together in the later parts of 5.1, and recently transferred to hyjal because of the extremely low population on our old realm. We are currently 2/12, primarily because of recruitment and attendance issues on a dead realm. We are ready to rip through 5.2 with adding a couple good new players to our team.

We are a very versatile group of players as far as which roles we can fill, so as far as recruitment we are open to a lot of things. A plate wearing tank, preferably a warrior, A ranged DPS Preferably a hunter or Elemental shaman, or a healer, preferably a resto druid, but all exceptional applicants are welcome.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night from 8pm-11pm server time.

Apply at Esoteric-hyjal.guildportal.com
For more information contact Ivlichael, Masturbando, or Lyanis in game, and thank you for considering us.

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