Advice needed.

I need advice regarding reforging. should i go by the old school rule of get avoidance to 102 or should i do what Mr. Robot suggest even though that some pally tanks hate it?? thanks.
No, CTC-capping is out. You want 7.5% hit and 15% expertise; after that, pick haste or mastery and focus on it. Avoidance is pretty much crap for Prot Pallies right now, so most any DPS piece without crit is probably better than an equal-level tanking piece.
The old 102.4% rule was because that made it so that every melee attack was either blocked or avoided. That's impossible now (unless you get to 100% block or avoidance). Even then, it was aaaaaallllll about mastery, not avoidance (although avoidance helped).

What does AMR suggest that paladins hate? Stamina? If so, yes, avoid doing what it says. Like Grognard said, we value accuracy stats first, then haste or mastery, so work on those.
got it , thanks .

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