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Stop Drop and Reroll is a level 25 casual adult guild. We accept all levels and classes but we have a core group that would like to start raiding and we just need to fill in a few spots. We'd be starting with the 5.1 raids, MSV, HoF, etc to help get people geared up. Raid times will be Wed and Thur 7-10 or 10:30 server time.

Our current needs to fill out our group are:

1 DPS - Would prefer hunter or elemental shaman

This isn't a hardcore progression group, so if you like to push the latest content, probably not what you're looking for.

You can contact Ravisha, Aylera, Tristaen or Skarre in game if you're interested. Or you can vist the guild website at http://sdr.guildportal.com

We also have many casuals in guild that enjoy leveling, heroics, pvp, but do not plan on raiding, so we are open to everyone as long as you're an adult and can be respectful to others.
I'd love to get involved in a consistent group like this. I'm resto atm but open minded.

I can't raid passed 10pm on Thursday night, but Wednesday I'm entirely free.

I'm very experienced on my main toon Kilokoopa disc / holy priest who raids on Fri / Sun.
7/16 heroic downed, 8/12 ToT downed.

I'm not looking for a hardcore team, just a group I can progress and gear with on my shaman.
We could definitely use a resto shaman as that would round out our group of healers nicely. My battletag is Syxx#1258 you can hit me up in game or one of the other officers I mentioned above if you'd like to know more.
Bump. We're down to just needing an off-tank (non-paladin) so we can get started next Wednesday. We will be starting on MSV, so we can help people gear up, see how well we work together, etc.
Updated, need an OT and a dps (hunter, shaman, monk).
Still looking for an off tank and a dps, so we can get started next Wednesday. Will be running MSV, so perfect time to get in if you would like to gear up with a laid back, friendly group.
It's actually an off-tank (non-paladin) and two dps that we need.
Back to needing just one dps and a non-paladin off tank.
Still need both a dps and a non-paladin off tank.

We have a mage, warlock, rogue and death knight for our current dps. So any dps class other than those will be considered.
Still looking to fill these last two spots since we'd like to start raiding tomorrow (Wednesday) night.
Wow, never thought it would be this tough to fill these last two spots. We're still going to try and run MSV tonight and will pug the last two spots if needed. If you're interested in running with us, even if you can't join the guild, hit me up.
Bumpity bump. We picked up our second tank and pugged our dps spot this past week. Looking to fill that last spot with a permanent role for next week. Plan on clearing MSV on Wed and then go into HoF on Thursday. So good time to get geared up if you still need to.

Looking for a hunter or a shaman for the 1 remaining dps spot.
Wednesday is coming up quickly. Still could use a hunter or shaman for our last dps spot.
The hubby and I are thinking about making the move to Stormrage. I'm Disc Priest and he is Hpally with Ret offspec. This sounds perfect! If you ever need a couple healers please let me know! :)

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