Hearthstone rewards in WoW?

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Hey, so I had this "CRAZY" idea for hearthstone, and I'm sure the fine people developing it are thinking the same thing. What if, right, when you completed a deck for the classes in hearthstone, you got an in game reward in World of Warcraft in the place of a full transmog set! That would be fuggin awesome! Or if you got certain cards that were rares or "foiled rares" kinda like mythic rares in MTG it would be a mount in WoW?

Hearthstone looks super cool and fun already, and probably will be successful on it's own with out these ideas, but I'm just saying some cosmetic rewards that translate over would be SWEET! Come on art department! Make us up some dope class specific transmog gear!
They already do that with the TCG...I'm hoping they also do it with Hearthstone.
You get a hat and you can read a message on it: I play Hearthstone.
where can we download hearthstone?
where can we download hearthstone?

It's not out yet.
it seem to be going the way eq had went with the card game. you were able to play it for free. you can spend a few bucks to get a booster pack that contain some common or rare cards. you can also get "foil" cards as well as loot cards.

best thing about the loot cards you can redeem it on 1 character on eq 1 or eq2 account. they range from illusions, potions for many things and even pets that grants some ability or for looks. if you keep your account for the month they will give you a free booster pack but the loot cards cant be traded this way.

would be fun to have cards that can give loot and trade. but then again they ready have it in RL cards so i dunno.
Any word on when the game will be beta tested? Other then that I like the idea.
I may need to read up on this depending on if they do that may need to play it
I'm thinking if they do, do this. TONS of people will play Hearthstone.

They probably will too.

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