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Hi there folks! It's been quite some time since I've been here, and when I was hopping on I got butterflies in anticipation for all the interesting RPs there would be to join. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. The front couple of pages consist of about four closed RPs either in progress or in the making, roughly 3-5 open RPs, which I've come to learn are the bane of all life on World's End, one Nation RP, and then all the rest of the threads are questions or just general threads.

Did general discussion flow over into World's End? Or have the majority of Forum Roleplayers simply moved on to something grander? What happened to all of the School, Prison, and war RPs? Where are the long stories that people are looking for 3-5 to write with them? Where are the odd new concepts that peak the interest of the curious? Is this just a lull in a swarm of activity, or are we becoming a dying breed?

I fear the answers to these questions, but anything's above being left in the dark.
The answer is B: Dying Breed.

:P In fact, if you're unhappy with the state currently, be lucky you arrived as late as you did. This is a SPIKE of activity. Currently there are several good RP's going, usually you're lucky to find one.

But nah, the activity now is rather nice actually.
Oh gods, my fears are a reality. I remember when you were strained to find more than three non-RP related threads on the first two pages of the forum. I guess I'll have to break my rule of not attempting to jump into threads in progression for the sake of activity, lest I thrust it upon myself to try and maintain a ton of new RPs. ;~; This is bad news indeed.
If you are so ambitious, then make a thread. I have a couple going on different themes. But the responses are sporadic at best. I think Hal scared them all away with his vitriolic comments. But even he seems to be absent, so maybe its safe to make something.

Go ahead, I will look at your efforts and see if it is worthy.
03/26/2013 01:40 AMPosted by Alviira
I think Hal scared them all away with his vitriolic comments. But even he seems to be absent, so maybe its safe to make something.
Wow, can't believe I'm defending Hal, but this just irks me. He's not even around anymore and people are still blaming him. -.-

For one thing, he never, not once in the entire time I've been reading these boards, posted in a closed thread he was not a part of. He kept his criticism to discussion threads, many of which flat out asked for opinions, of which he was very liberal with. Yes, he was smug and condescending and argumentative but none of that was nearly as big a turnoff as the endless, pointless bickering and !@#$%ing that went on ad nauseam between him and those he disagreed with; and blame for that rest squarely on both sides.

The above is a perfectly good example of the kinds of posts that I began to dread seeing simply because I was sick to death of them and their ilk.

But I digress.

Back on topic, things have steadily been slowing down since mid-Cata. Personally, I didn't find that expansion particularly inspiring for RP, but that's really just a matter of opinion and others might have found it the opposite.

I also find it a little sad these days that there are so few IC threads, but because of my own spotty attendance I really can't be too critical of people. I've started one or two IC threads of my own but, shamefully, I was usually the one who abandoned them first. Working nights has always made it difficult for me to make posts in a timely manner (though it's still easier than finding in-game RP) and I've got a lot on my plate IRL right now, not the least of which is planning my wedding and arranging to move to a different country.

Still, I kind of feel like I owe an apology for the threads I let die. :(
I don't know if it is dead or dying, but the RP is there if you look for it, whether it is in the forums or in game. As for looking for a certain genre or such, as Alviira said, start up your own. Maybe there are others that have been waiting for one to appear.

As for Hal, never seen that much of him, just heard about him. So, even when his name is mentioned, it brings up an idea who he was and what he did. I think I would have liked to have read more of his posting. He sounded like he was very knowledgeable.

And Istella, congratulations on your nuptials in the future, and your moving to a new country. How exciting, a real life adventure! Take care, and live the dream!

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