[A]<Hurt> 10 Man Recruiting Heroic Mode 1/12

Hello Lightbringer!

Hurt is a 10 man raiding guild and has just transferred here with a strong core group of players from another server. We finished out T14 with several heroic kills however suffered from attendance problems due to our extremely low population server. We are currently looking for players to fill in the spots that we have open on our raid progression team.

We are currently looking for dps and healers. We are considering all classes, however ideally looking for hunter, warlock, or boomkin for dps and a resto druid or Priest for healing. We are looking for roughly 490+ ilvl however value player skill and awareness far above gear level.

Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9pm to 12am (pst) or 12am to 3am (est)

We do expect you to come prepared to raid with all consumables ready. We also encourage raiders to do everything they can to progress their raiding characters outside of raid time. This includes running weekly LFR’s and valor capping so long as it still provides meaningful upgrades to your character. We do not anticipate perfect play, however we do expect improvement and learning, failure to execute a mechanic repeatedly will not be tolerated.

For those interested or looking for more information please contact Vexella, Skore, or Zionichi in game via chat or mail.
Hey there!

I am very experienced player. I have been raiding since Vanilla. I currently have another raid team that I tank for on my Death Knight, however, my guild has no use for my leet healing skills and I am looking for a new home where my heals are appreciated. It seems Pallies and Priests are kings this xpac with all their absorbs. (Yes, I am a little butthurt. :P)

The raid times I have on my DK do not conflict with your raid schedule, which is awesome because I have been looking for a raid team that I could join that would still allow me to tank for the Dark Stalkers.

Anyway, your post says you are looking for a Resto Druid, so I thought I would mention something on here. I am at work at the moment, so I cannot send an in-game mail or whisper, but will likely do that this evening.

Sounds like it could be a good fit. Ill add you to invite for thursday and we will see how things go. We cleared first 3 on tuesday with 3 pugs so plz be prepared for tortos and megaera.
Definitely. Feel free to add me by my Battletag. I'm not really too keen on throwing my Real ID out here.

Battletag ID: tehjiggy1 #1205
still looking for a couple for permanent raid spots
2 Healers are still needed. Would still like a resto druid. Other class isnt important just need a quality player. Also need a dps perfer hunter. We are 4/12 this week while pugging 3 spots. Please post or talk to Skore,Zionichi or Vexella in game. Tues/thurs/sat 9-12 server
Still LF strong healers
On megaera tonight 3/31 still need healer.
Cleared Megaera this week (first week of raiding here) and are at 5/12. Still looking for solid healers and a dps.
Accepting applications still for exceptional healers and dps. 1 week together and we got first 5 bosses down. Contact Skore, Vexella, Zionichi in game.
Just need a couple more consistent, competent players and we will be clearing this.
Cleared 5 last night and are on Ji-Kun, still looking for permanent healer and DPS. We are running sunday at 9pm server starting with Ji-Kun if you are interested.
Raiding tonight still have permanent spots in game Suizidel#1768
Are now 6/12 and on Durumu, still looking for good healers and dps. Contact us in game for more info.
I can vouch for these guys. I have raided with them and they are a very nice group of drama free, respectful guys, in an old school raiding atmosphere. You should come prepared: having watched the videos, bring your pots and be ready to get down to business. I have absolutely nothing but respect for them.

If I played another class I would grab the slot in a heartbeat, unfortunately they already have 2 priests and although we have done well together the reality is they really don't need me :(

It is a very lucky raider who finds his place in this guild.

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