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Omr, I think the difference is mine is a gaming laptop while your card is designed for a desktop. (unless I missed something here)

From what I've pulled on Gaming Laptops, the only way to force Nvidia is to disable the Intel in BIOS of which doesn't interest me because then it'd force the nvidia card full time when it's really not needed all the time and kill battery life. The Nvidia is proving itself to be running and active at the moment so I tried a few tweaks and will see the next Sha event and see how it goes.
The diag reports will report on the Intel HD because the intel graphics control the all the video outputs and therefore is seen by the OS as the primary display adapter. Also if you generate the dxdiag report at the desktop with everything idle the Intel would actually be the device in use. However, if it was using the intel constantly while you were on playing with ultra settings... you would know. Trust me. It wouldn't just be for a few seconds occasionally. Try setting global nvidia control settings to use high performance nvidia card, prefer maximum performance, and then reboot and lauch the game with the gtx675mx. Also use your most recent OEM drivers. Try generating a dxdiag with wow running in background after you do the previous. It sounds like you are having the issues I recently started having and omrakos' theory of breaking the auto switch functionality seems plausible. I have an MSI GT70 0ND-492US with the same 4GB GTX675MX as yours. I found using reference drivers to be a no no off the bat. And as of late most specifically with wow, which at ultra detail settings with 8x MS I get a constant 60fps with Vsync enabled in game, yet I get a consistent periodic stutter. Its like it runs 60fps and yet just every 20-40 seconds i get 1-2 seconds of stutter. I check my afterburner log and I can see spikes in gpu usage and the card going between base clock and boost clock relevant to usage and yet it still happens even when I set everything to low. Vsync off is out of the question because of terrible tearing. I've been pulling my hair out. Its damned fustrating. I'm about ready to send the thing back. I've tried a laundry list of ideas of the cause and still cant iron it out. From disabling speedstep in bios to trying every driver with clean installations.

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