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I seek what all people seek. Good tunes!! I listen to anything from Bone Thugz'n'Harmony, to Dethklok, to Green Day or basically anything. Now I'm looking to expand my horizons by learning some new kinds of music to listen to while playing wow. Any ideas?
Hall of the Mountain King is pretty epic, but fairly different from what it sounds like you're used to.
Most music from japan that has a girl singing it.

or a robot.

actually some of the Vocaloid songs are pretty good. Luka singing Amazing Grace was nice.

Personally though sometimes it pays to look backwards

Guns & Roses
Bon Jovi
maybe a little Twisted Sister
Well that depends on what you consider epic...the bands you listed are pretty meh so you would probably not like what i try to rec
This is by far the most epic song ever.


Dedicated to all those overweight wow players keep raiding!
Try some dubstep and glitch from my friend Jahmontee:


Try some liquid drum and bass. This show, Liquid DnB Crew, is great, and this episode is particularly awesome:


Try some house music. Courtesy of Arwin Ravenstone. I recommend Deepisodes 7:


Try absolutely anything from Moontribe. My faves, Dela's LIB 2011 set or Brian's FUTY 9:

Rhapsody of Fire, Emerald Sword
Try sigur ros, explosions in the sky, this will destroy you, MONO, god is an astronaut, godspeed you! black emperor, caspian, 65daysofstatic, sleepmakeswaves.
many more here^

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