[H] Profession Kits 1-600

Hello, my name is Elrand and I am looking to sell a few profession kits.

A few questions you may have,

A profession kit? What is that?
A profession kit is a package i have created by myself which contains every mat you will need in order to level said profession from level 1 - 600. By following the guide you should have no issue getting from 1-600 with the provided materials. If you do however get stuck I will farm the required materials for no charge.*

*if you do not follow the guide, i.e use an item when you weren't supposed to and do not have the material for later I will not replace the materials.

What kits are you selling? Do you have a price tag set for them?
Currently in stock I have:

Engineering - 9k

Also Taking requests
That is pretty expensive I'm sure I could get those materials for less!
Then go ahead, this however, may take weeks to find every item you need to get the profession from 1-525. Prices on the ah can also be very expensive and unappealing (goldthorn at 80g each? No thank you). My kits are simple, easy, and effective, I've done all the work for you.

How do I get my kit?
Simple, create a level 1 alt and join my dk's guild <ShadowAscension>. Upon joining the guild I will give you permissions to view whichever kit you are looking to purchase. Once you hand me the gold I will give you full access to the tab so you are freely able to take the materials out and send them to you character you wish to use it on.

I will also provide you with 4 netherweave bags to help this run smoother.

This seems like a scam how can I trust you?
Two things:
1. I’m staking my main’s reputation on this.
2. This is all down in writing. If I back out on my end of the bargain, you can contact a GM, I’ll get banned, and you’ll get your money back.

Who can I contact to purchase a kit?
You may send an in-game mail or whisper to any of the following characters: Elrand
or Moocows#1936 If you'd prefer you may also post here.
Looking to buy a Jewelcrafting package. Let me know the cost and timeframe.
Are you still selling kits? I'm interested in a engineering and jewelcrafting kit. Please msg me the info. thanks

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