Consolidation of Baelgun Guilds (HORDE)

I have noticed this realm has had a lot of formerly great guilds die out recently. I am looking to start the conversation about consolidating some guilds into a large functional guild.

Many of us are too stubborn to leave our guild even though we have lost a majority of our actives, and yet we still wallow in our self pity and try to fruitlessly recruit people that we can raid with etc.

So here is my proposition: This realm still lives on with many actives, but we are splintered and scattered. I propose we consolidate into one larger guild that functions the way a guild is supposed to function. Raid groups, dungeon groups, pvp etc.

Some notes:

1. I am in no way saying people consolidate to the guild I am in.
2. I believe a good way to mitigate a transition would be to offer officer roles in the revamped guild to those people who held officer positions in one of our dying guilds.
3. This is just the beginning of the conversation and I hope that this thread can offer some insight.
doubt anyone will be up for it. but will keep my eye on this thread (i do not hold a officer position within my current guild)
I think it is a great idea, I see 4 or 5 guilds every day looking for people for various activities and mentioning rebuilding. Instead of all trying to bring in from the same pool of players pooling resources could be a great alternative.
It's a great thought. Baelgun has a great community, if anything.
As one of those rebuilding guilds, this has been on our minds. We were doing quite well in Cata DS with our progression, and formed some strong bonds among members. Then the standard stuff that's effecting the entire server hit us with people losing interest in WoW, transferring to ally, and leaving server. We relied on puging 1-2 slots here and there in Cata, and doing so was fine. Now though, puging is a pain in the !@# now. Spam for hours, get nothing. Average Player quality is down when you do find people, etc.

Anyway, as I said we've been considering this too. Nobody wants to give up their guild name. And for us, we would need to find a guild that matches us well. True semi-casual. 2 nights a week for 3 hours with raiding. More focused on just moving forward with progression than just trying to race to be the best. And well, people in some guilds just don't mix. I found a lot of guilds to have people that were dicks, or people that were just plain annoying. I felt lucky to find KOTH when I did, because the people meshed so well with me.

We might be open to this idea. hard to say. But at the very least right now, were open to merging just raids with another guild.
good lordie hordies! i advocate for everyone to join <Taint>. Just for the smell of it.
I wish you guys luck :) In the mean time <Bloodlust> may have some alts that would be willing to help you guys out on off nights. We norm raid Tues-Thurs.

P.S. I love you Chesti
I could always xfer horde.
If anyone in these guilds would like to tank, The Hellfire Club is looking for tanks for their secondary group. You wouldn't even have to leave your current guild (though it tends to be better for integration). We were working on Horridon when we lost our regular tanks due to seasonal issues. Send Shanthrax a tell if you're interested.
This is actually a good idea! I wonder if might be leveraged in some way to effectively organise groups and raids on the server?

I completely agree with Fancybeer - this server has gone through many great guilds and they've fragmented to different smaller guilds or absorbed into a couple of larger mainstays.

F9 has been out of the raiding loop for entirely too long and we're making a stronger effort to get back into it though we tend to end up lacking a second healer or a couple of DPS come raid night (Wednesdays, 5pm server).
Cool thanks for the feedback everyone!

I assume this process will take a little while to figure out, but to the people above who have interest in the endeavor please PST me @ Fancybeer, I am on a lot. Or shoot me an email at I would like to have this conversation in an expedited fashion if possible. I am very open to all of the ideas posited above.

all the best!

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