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ive done it in lfr, but its only shows me 5/6( ), I've killed the stone guard 3 or 4 times. and i have the achievement, I know its nothing big, just my ocd kicking in ^.^
Yeah having the same exact issue here, I have killed it 3 times (3rd kill being today) and it is showing all the other bosses except for Stone Guard.
Seems like mine updated but only shows 1 instead of 3.
Same here. It shows that I have not killed the Stone Guard, but I have killed it 3 times in LFR
Same bug here. 3-4 Mogushan kills, but Stone Guard aren't showing up on the armory page, LFR listed as 5/6 complete. I do have the achievement for the kill, tho. It's only missing in the armory display.

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