Ret vs Destro

How do you beat one? they seem unbeatable to me
you bring back up
you bring back up

Bring out a lot of pressure to make them pop defensive cooldowns without popping many of your offensives. Use DA and DP for when they use chaos bolt with burst cooldowns [heal up through non burst chaos bolts]. Don't trinket blood fears, force their trinket with a stun then follow up with blinding light. You can bubble their burst Chaos bolts to make them fall far behind while keeping ahead of them. Always try to keep yourself above 60% hp so they don't burst you down in a full fear.

Haven't lost to a destro lock yet with that.

[also, remember to LoS and heal along with outranging them to kite and heal]
Well, my main(s) are a Warlock and Ret Paladin, so I have experienced both sides.

Coming from the Ret perspective, if the Warlock has a portal and/or gate down, you're gonna have a rough night. It seems like every melee except a Ret Paladin has some type of instant gap closer. Warriors have charge, DKs have death grip, Rogues can spec into shadow step, etc. etc.

Yeah, Burden of Guilt is pretty handy and a fun talent, but it's not instant, like the ones I mentioned above. Granted, Paladins have a few more ranged abilities to make up for the lack of an instant gap closer, but I don't know if it really makes that much of a difference, considering I have twilight ward. Not to mention, we all know how easy it is to lock down a Paladin who pops CDs, fear spam + shadowfury + mesmerize and it's gg. You can pop bubble to get out of it, but then your damage is reduced by 50% and you just blew a 5 minute defensive CD on basically nothing beneficial. I can easily fake cast a chaos bolt, causing most Ret Paladins to pop defensive magic cool downs, then wait until they're finished to actually start casting.

So, what I personally like to do, is make sure to keep hand of freedom up, so I don't get snared and kited after a Lock ports. I like to save blind for when a Lock pops Unending Resolve, that way I can still interrupt them. Sometimes a bad lock will even trinket it (either with their talented trinket or the actual trinket) which enables you to use HoJ/FoJ to utilize your burst window. It's always nice to be specced into FoJ if the Lock is specced into Unbound Will, because then you can be sure you'll get a chance to at least get 1 full stun off. Unfortunately, this isn't easy to tell before a fight, unless it's a duel or something along those lines.

If a Lock has the shivara out, it's gonna be rough. It's so easy to get chaos bolt casts off with that pet + shadowfury. It doesn't take many CBs to bring you into shadowburn range, which is when I personally bubble and heal back up. A Lock can put you to bed if they have embers saved up when you are at or below 20% HP. I have died to a Lock at that point before I could even think to use bubble.

There's not that many real tips I can give. It's just knowing when to use your offensive and defensive CDs, when to LoS, when to use your stuns, how to spec, etc. etc. Just remember, it's not a race. Warlocks have quite a bit of HP and self heals right now, so don't expect to blow a Warlock up. Try and force them into defense mode BEFORE you blow CDs. Don't be stupid and let them free cast chaos bolts and fears and everything else. Make them earn it with their pets and stuns and such. Don't panic and blow everything all at once, never trinket Blood Horror and try not to fall pray to fake casting (even though it's hard not to, especially with chaos bolt's long cast). Save blinding light for unending resolve and just hope you can blow them up before they get you into shadowburn range.

Good luck, Locks are tough if played the right way atm. So don't be discouraged.
If you're vsing a lock 1v1, you're gonna have a bad day.
able to:

refill health bar at will
refill mana bar at will
lots of control
good pressure
chaos bolts

just too strong in too many areas
Run away from the Chaos Bolt and hope its not heat seeking.
This is one of the worst 1v1 fights in the whole game.

Basically, if you hit the lock more than a couple of times he's probably really bad.

And they know this. if you get spoted by one in a rbg, they will stop everything they are doing to go get the free hk and feel good about their leet skilz.
able to:

refill health bar at will
refill mana bar at will
lots of control
good pressure
chaos bolts

just too strong in too many areas

I don't think you know what at will means.
My mains are warrior and this guy. What's funny is, I find myself mashing my spell reflect macro keybind like i'm playing my warrior when I see a Chaos bolt cast, only to take it to the face.. All I can say is, make sure you have interrupts/Stun/Blinding light off CD. A destro lock left to free cast on you is going to make you his girlfriend. Be conservative with your HoJ, Blinding Light, Rebuke. Interrupt his fear, you can weather incinerate, but use whatever you can to interrupt that Chaos bolt. I'm lucky to have nitro boosts on my belt which help tremendously. Burden of guilt combined with long arm of the law can be a good way to close distance.

I have noticed that if I can at least interrupt 2 fears, that the fight sways heavily in my favor. Only problem is the sheer amount of CC that we have being vomit spammed in BG's keep you on rails to witness in horror as a destro lock flings chaos bolts at you.

Also remember you can fear his pet, may not be the best thing to do in some cases.... but I have feared that pet that charms and it actually has made a difference.

All in all, it's a hard fight.... but by no means unwinnable.
To beat a ret you just gotta juke their cooldowns... Avenging Wrath, meet disarm. Guardian? How about a kidney shot?

To beat a warlock you usually have to outplay them, because have a lot of annoying cc... just be in their face to keep pressure and force them to use all their spells defensively
Hint for all rets for pure fun and goodness, drop pvp trinks use Fabled Feather and shadopan and enjoy the goodness.][IMG]
Notice the AP

Even with the nerf to shado-pan trink with fabled feather the proc rate is quite silly,ive seen feather proc 4x one after another, and no never waited 3+mins with trink procs and wings i blow through locks cds with ease, but eh at 74.5k ap what ya expect 170k hammers hurt :P

Simple chain

Hoj force trink
throw blinding light right after (lock pet down)
Make sure you Goatk while you hoj.
trink 8 sec fear
eat 3-4 sec fear
pop devo+auramastery for redux
proceed to kill thru cds hoj if it makes it that far

Bubble if ya really need to but make sure wings are up for fol spam if u have to

but in reality stacking pve trinks just makes rets life basic since they pop least once a min and mainly consistently.

I was having as much fun with the trinks that I took sanc wrath over holy avenger and I tell ya its the most amusing thing ever, and eh ever try a FOL or WoG with 75k ap, good way to make ret semi amusing

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