Where can a Priest get some good gear?


I'm new to WOW, where can I get some good gear-preferably armor? I'm at Stormwind and I really can't find anything that I can use. There is a city that has some particularly good items for Priests?
Heirlooms if you have had a level 80-90.

Run dungeons and you'll get gear from boss drops or just keep questing.
He said he's NEW, so no heirlooms.

Fatherfrank, just quest and queue for dungeons. The gear you get as rewards or as drops will be appropriate to your level and you'll be fine wearing whatever you find (with Int, Haste/Crit/Mastery - Hit later when you start raiding.)

Don't buy gear from vendors or the Auction House - you'll trade them in ever so often through your leveling process. Save your gold to buy a mount at 40 and riding training.
Dungeons are your best bet, there isn't much worth buying from any vendors.
Hey I know you.
Hey you need gear with spirit.
As a holy priest, you need cloth gear preferably with both intellect & spirit.

Running some randoms will help you get gear. You can also continue to do quests
for some nice quest reward gear.

Remember to choose intellect & spirit always.

Have fun. :)
Yes, hit "I" you will bring up the dungeon finder tool that will allow you to queue for instances where the best gear for your level drops. The other source of gear while leveling is questing. Doing quests in an area will likely change out most of your gear by the end.

Either way gear doesn't matter too much until you get to about level 80, but mostly when you hit 90.
A note to add to Woaden's:

Shift + J will bring up the Dungeon Journal. On the Home screen of it, you can pull down the expansion (you'll want Classic; it'll progress down from there). Once you're there, you can check out the dungeons and the items that drop within each.
For low levels I like PvP, especially as Discipline spec. Shield yourself/teammates and penance for quick heals. Dungeon finder is fine too.

there isn't much for helms and shoulders at your level, there are some crafted cloth shoulders that are nice too.
He never came back to check for replies? >_<
Might I also recommend to our new priest to learn tailoring. Save your cloths and you will be able to craft some decent gear for yourself as you level up ;)
If you do choose to learn tailoring (or any profession), I highly recommend http://wow-professions.com to help guide you.

Thanks for all the replies. I did come back...just now...I've been playing a lot of WOW since I posted =)

OK, the best items I get are from questing. The best gear has intellect and spirit--Pandarens start out with a higher than average spirit so I am glad I chose a Pandaren.

I have to learn how to use, "I" to find dungeons and what it means to queu up. But so far, it seems I can choose to raid a dungeon with a guild so that I can get better gear. I will do that once I am a much higher level. I also need to find out how to use "Shift+J" to find out more specifically which dungeons have the best gear for me.

Thanks for all the replies!
^_^ Good luck and happy priesting!
Priest forums have a lot of useful information if you really want to commit yourself to the class. It's fun and unique class so enjoy your travels and stay safe!


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