Alchemy Inscription Leatherworking 1-600 Kits

Howdy Folks,

I'm currently sellin' the above 1-600 kits. These kits include everything (besides vendor mats like threads) to get yer' lazy behinds from 1-600!

Prices depend on what kit yer lookin' to buy (I'm willing to negotiate pricing)

If you have an questions or wish to purchase in exchange for dat shinny gold of yers' lemme know in-game. If I am not online please feel free to send me an in-game letter

P.S. If you have trouble finding my name in-game because of my OP Characters, here is alt key codes for the charters ( Ç = 0199 ø = 0216 )

You can also post on this thread if yer feelin' extra lazy.
I'm interested in your LW kit. You still have these?

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