<Primal> is recruiting raiders and casuals!

Primal is in search of more adult players to join in our ranks. We have two raid schedules. Tue/Wed is building for 25m and Sun/Mon is for 10m. Mumble with a working mic, commitment to the schedule you are recruited for, and in-depth knowledge of your class and role in any particular encounter are the expectations we have for our raiders. If you enjoy raiding in an adult-only, progression-minded setting on a limited schedule, we may be the right guild for you!


Tuesday/Wednesday 10:00PM-1:00AM
Sat/Sun 3:00PM-6:00PM

Loot System: DKP with 5% weekly decay.

Progression: 6/12

Current open core slots can be viewed on our website listed below.

We will always consider exceptional candidates regardless of whether or not we are advertising interest in their role(s).

There is no application to fill out, however a Mumble interview with myself and/or another guild officer will be required prior to guild invite. Please make sure that your character is properly itemized and updated on the armory before the interview.

Contact Points:

My battletag: Invictis#1189
Guild website: http://primalstormrage.wix.com/main

(The contact form info from the website is sent directly to me, so this is by far the fastest way to get a response.)
updated our interests.
updated again after some successful recruitment yesterday. we do have punch and mana buns, just sayin.
looking for some solid tanks, some dps, and a MW Monk specifically for this group.
shameless bump looking for quality dps that can not only pull good numbers, but can apply their skills to encounter mechanics.
updated current interests.
updated, thanks for taking a look!
updated, have a good day!
shameless bump, need people for fresh tot25 tonight! more thunderforged gear plox!
Hi, there. I've been searching for a guild for quite some time now. I'm a 499 Warrior Tank and 494 Fury Warrior. have 1/12 and experienced 3/12 fights on normal. Hope to see a reply soon, Thanks.
Definetly could use you full time. Talk to Stig in game.
Interests have been updated. Please make sure to contact me via the methods in the original post and they are the most direct methods to do so.
Updated. Check out our site for more info!
updated our interests.
shameless bump, hello!
interests updated. tanks are very much a high priority at this point.
High interest in a Blood DK or BM Monk for tank slot. Resto Sham would be great, might consider a Holy Priest. Still severely lacking on Agility DPS roles.
Bump for some more progression, Come join our ranks, good laid back group here. Stig's alt code is 0228.
Great night tonight, 2 more bosses down and on a roll.

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