<Primal> is recruiting raiders and casuals!

Two more bosses down. Starting to get the right crew in place. If you dont want to be raiding 5 nights a week this is a good place to look.
Also there is lots to do on off nights if you wish to do so :P
Did I mention cake is provided on special occassions?
Raid group is filling up fast
quite a few trials set up for next week....always looking for the best fit, so check us out!
shameless bumps are shameless. NEED AGILITY DPS!
Immediate need for a Tank with a solid DPS offspec or vice versa for the Tue/Wed schedule! We'd prefer a Paladin, Death Knight or Monk for this slot, however we would consider a Druid or Warrior.
I am not just commenting here to bump this thread.
still very interested in some agility dps as well as other slots.
Agility tank would be nice ;)
Room for a hunter? BT-Renisis#1263
still looking for the right fit for our teams. hit me up on my battle tag in game or on our site please...it's the fastest way to get a response!
We are always on the lookout for well-rounded players that are not only on for progression raid schedules, and are open to the idea of a merger with a 10m guild. The ideal guild at least matches our current progression to better facilitate 25m without the need to pug, and has activity members during "down time" as well.
Still have high interest in agility-base tanks and dps, however all players are encouraged to inquire if they have interest in joining us. My battletag is Invictis#1189. I have a severe case of altoholism, so this is by far the easiest way to find me in-game. =)
this is a shameless post for more exposure...lol
Hi, my name is Puriel, and I'm an altoholic.
Talk about multiple personality disorder...geez
Hi there!
Partner and I are looking for a new home.

We like to run LFR, dungeons, and scenarios. Do you think your guild would be a good fit?

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