<Shöckwave> is looking for a good Mage

We are a semi-hardcore 10-man guild currently looking for a good experienced mage for our core raid. We raid Tuesday/Friday/Saturday from 8:00 server until we decide we're done, usually 3-4 hours. We have cleared all 5.1 content and are currently 5/12 in ToT's. Contact Phredrick, Arkaden or Abraum in game for details.
So you're saying people should join one of the top guilds and sit around and do nothing because their raid is already full? Maybe there are some people who would like to be part of core group and raid every week. Quit trolling and play your own game and we'll play ours.
Wow, really? Do you not make friends and establish relationships with people in game? Just all about getting stuff done? Missing so much of the fun, i enjoy playing with my guildies. Anyway, we still need a good Mage to progress through ToT's.

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