Havoc + Shadowburn Help please

UI and Macro
I'm a terrible macro writer, most of what I use I steal from other people. I was hoping to get some help writing a macro to cast Havoc on my focus target and then shadowburn my current. Is this possible to do without a shift or an alt modifier? Any help is greatly appreciated!
Not really. If you're going to be casting two spells in two presses, without a modifier used, then you're going to need a castsequence. But, castsequence cannot switch targets from focus to target mid sequence.
So no can't do this. You can do something like:

/cast [mod,@focus] Havoc; Shadowburn


/castsequence [mod,@focus][] Havoc, Shadowburn

depending on what effect you want. You can test them out or plug them into
to see what they do.

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