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I bought a new computer yesterday and downloaded the full WoW game - and that took 24 hours almost - now I can't play the game?????

I get the sign on screen and type in my information - this brings me to the screen where I am to choose a server - it won't let me pick one so I can't play the game???

Help me someone PLEASE!!!
03/27/2013 04:44 PMPosted by Behbeh
it won't let me pick one

Could you elaborate a bit more on what this means? Is there a particular error message you get when you try to select or log into one?
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there is no error report - but obviously I am doing something wrong - or perhaps better said I might be missing some step - the game is 100% loaded and the PLAY button is not greyed out
I click on that - it sends me to the sign on screen - I fill that out and press enter - then it goes to the screen which usually lets you pick Bloodscalp as the place you want to be ..... I tell the program to suggest a site hoping I get that screen with all the server names - but that box shows up blank? There are no choices for me at all!

Am I missing a step - I am pretty much a novice - I read things like merge accounts and other things that confuse me -- am I doing something wrong ?

May I ask how it is you're posting from an account holding several level 90s if you're a novice?

I'd also like to see your file please.

It's located in your World of Warcraft\WTF folder. Edit your account name out first if it's showing.
I don't think he's a novice, just trying to play on a new machine, therefore, a fresh install.

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