does anyone else have the Khan achievement?

Emerald Dream
Sha-Man is working on it! Mostly just have to grind out the 100 wins in a few bgs and then Sha-Man will have it! Look at Sha-Man's achievements and you shall see!
Must... disarm... 17 more bombs... in IoC... why... *twitches*

I did that one tonight, its easier than you think. Hide behind the boxes and when they plant run up and disarm and try to get back behind the box before they know what you're up to. I did 7 in one game which was amazing. Othertimes I got about 1-2. Still have 25 more wins to go for master.
I did Battlemaster the hard way. I got every achievement on my Rogue, with only 1 of the achievements done with help, and that was the one you fall behind in AB and then comeback. Of course that was led by Hinik and KotE with Jaxel and others helping me with that. Every other achievement was done while solo bging.
i wish i didn't waste time playing diablo 3 for much of the beginning of the expansion.. the Khan achievement was pretty much my only chance to ever possibly be first on the server at something.. the 2 other ppl i've seen so far with it got it only 2 weeks before me.. and i wasn't even playing wow for like 3 months of the expansion
There is always next time, Spookyspider! Also does anyone else feel that the Khan title is easier to get compared to Battlemaster?
i got the Khan achievement 7 days ago (3/20).. am i perhaps first on the server? i haven't seen anyone else with the title. is there a website or something that tracks that stuff?

Grats! I don't have it yet and will try to go for it sooner or later. I do have everything else from Battlemaster, Justicar, to Bloodthirsty. Was the grind for Khan any easier on the RNG side of things, then Battlemaster was?

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