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I'm currently logging into stormrage where there is a queue. When trying to change to my main realm which is proudmoore it just sits at changing realms screen. Is this normal when there is a queue on 1 server? In order to get back to the queue on stormrage I have to shut the game down and log back in. Anyone else experience this?
Yup! Having the exact same problem.
Same problem here. I just clicked "cancel" on the server-change notice and when I logged in again, it was already to set to the new server and put me straight in. Might be a temporary work-around.

If you are having problems with getting to another realm you can try this:

Go into the World of Warcraft\WTF folder > open the config.wtf file using Wordpad > locate the SET realmName "stormrage" and change "stormrage" to "proudmoore" > save and close the config file and try the game again.
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