[A] The Vakhar Order ((Lvl 25 - RP/PvP))

Emerald Dream
The Vakhar Council had met countless times to deal with matters that involved the other races of Azeroth’s well-being. Tonight’s was different however. With the latest attacks from the so called “United Legions of the Horde”, a great threat was now on the horizon, possibly a greater threat than ever before. The Alliance and Horde had always fought but these warring times are far more serious than ever. Serious enough to even force the common races into extinction.

Artuer Wishok, the Vakhar Lord, walked out of the meeting hall, a disgruntled look on his face. He had known what the Council would advise him even before the meeting took place, but he was still troubled by it. The Houses and Orders of the Alliance were being attacked. Common folk were being slaughtered in almost every major city and town. Although the Alliance had dealt with these threats on many occasions on their own, the Council now saw it fit to provide whatever aid the Vakhar could. And this meant, recruiting.

(( Name: The Vakhar Order ((translation: Guardians))

Theme: Jedi Order of Azeroth

Home: Dalaran - The Silver Enclave

Uniform: Variations of our Guild Colours; Purple and Black. (May enforce a real uniform later)

Style: Mysterious and secretive. Political missions conducted (eg. Guild Relations), as well as Military operations.

Web Site: Currently being worked on.

Public Contacts: Artuer, Scav, Blodgarm and Vok.

We are looking for friendly and like-minded RP’ers and PvP’ers. We do WPvP (along with BGs/RBGs/Arenas) and are aiming to be a Medium/Heavy RP guild. The Vakhar Order is meant to be a group of “guides” in the RP community. What we mean by this is something along the lines of Dungeon Masters (for those who have played DnD). We use Total RP 2 Addon and with it one can actually RP for NPCs. Therefore, to add some more fun to the other RP guilds story lines, we are a group that enjoy tagging along (While RPing with you guys of course) and bringing more depth to your RP environments by adding an extra layer to your stories. That being said, our RP style is a group of “Guardians” (similar to Jedi but for Azeroth) and we try to maintain balance and peace within Azeroth. We are always looking to work with other guilds and join in on the RP fun! We do also have our own RP events and RP story lines for members who join.
Currently we are looking to fill officer positions and council positions. If you have experience in this, please let us know upon entering the guild. We will work something out. For those who have played DnD as DMs and/or are good at story telling on the fly, this may be the type of RP environment you are looking for. Contact us in game or on the Forums and we’ll work something out to bring you into the RP community and help develop your own story.
PS: If you do not have TRP2 and are very into RPing, now is a good time to get the add on. We will teach all new members how to use it and hopefully set you up to be a valued member of the RP community.))

By moonlight, We serve.
The Recruitment Process:

To enter the Order one must first pass the interview conducted by any high ranking official within the Order.

Upon passing the interview, the individual is invited into the guild as a "Sanya" (A recruit of sorts). To advance from this stage this Sanya must pass the three trials. The Trial of Courage, The Trial of Duty, and The Trial of Loyalty. All three are begun right as the individual enters the guild, no matter what level, or experience. The Trials are as follows:

The Trial of Courage:
This trial will require the Sanya to prove their personal worth. Their self value, so to speak. It will be based on a small mission, where difficult obstacles will be put in place for them to pass the trial. ((E.G "Travel through the place known as (Insert Instance here) and prove to us that you have what it takes to venture in on any danger. ((proven through linking the dungeon achievement))))

The Trial of Duty:
This trial will require the Sanya to prove their ability to take on any task and do it with pride. They will be required to perfom a certain "Duty" to show their discipline and willingness to serve. ((E.G. Escort this (Insert character here) to (insert place) and provide them with security and safe passage. Once done, (insert same character here) will let us know of how you did))

The Trial of Loyalty:
This trial is to prove the Sayna's willingness to give themselves to the greater good of the Order. A task that will require some effort on the Sanya's part. ((E.G. "The guild vaults are low on copper bars for the blacksmiths, smelt twenty bars and place them in the vaults."))

Becoming a Vakha:
Once the Sayna has passed the trials, they are promoted to the rank of "Megil". This rank is an apprentice rank and to advance in the Order any more, they must find themselves a master who will sponsor them. The sponsor must be an individual of the "Vakha" rank or higher. This Vakha must agree to take the Megil as his or her apprentice. They will show them the true meaning of being a Vakha by taking them on missions and tasks, the whole while training them to be a skilled soldier and diplomat.

Once the Vakha believes the Megil is ready for promotion, he will present his case before the Council. If the Council feels the Megil is ready, they will honor the Megil with the rank of Vakha. From there the true tasks begin, from diplomacy missions to military operations. The Vakha are also given a certain guild that they must make contact with on their own, and begin to help where they can for that guild's prosperity.

At this stage, the only way to continue advancing is to maintain a strong work ethic and show your skills in diplomacy and peacemaking. The Vakha must get noticed by the officials and perhaps they will be honored with higher ranks after some review by the council.

If you think you have what it takes, attempt the trials, see what you're worth and become a Vakha. Maybe then you may make something of yourself.
((future use))

Sha-Man hasn't forgotten when you threaten the Silvermoon Sisterhood and shall continue to hunt you all down like dogs until there is no trace left of The Vakhar Order!

For now, Sha-Man's eyes are upon you!

Should I come in contact with any of your "Vakhar" there will only be one outcome.. death
Come as you will. We still stand tall.

By Moonlight, We Serve.
I hope to cross your path in Storm wind soon. I have a few useful tricks up my sleeve as a former SI:7 scout. Let's find a quiet place and we cans sort these details all out.

This seems interesting, as I create another Alt. I may seek to join your ranks.
Good, we could use some more valuable members in the order.
((Friendly bump from Degno!))
The Vakhar continue to grow and gain influence!

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