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Why does every method of caster hit cap suck?
Why does every method of caster hit cap suck?

You might be able to go the Robe of Power route and find a hit rating somewhere closer to 6% that way. Not sure if there's really anything that would make up for the loss of crit from boa robe
Robe of Power is BOP Tailoring. No way I'd get rid of Herb/Engy for it. I'd like to use an Eagle Lens, but can't find a single way that doesn't lose out overall. Rainstriders :(

Edit: Skanky messaged me that you can level tailoring, get robe, and relevel another prof. I still don't think it's an upgrade.
Use a Snake Hoop for ring?

or go draenei
I don't have a Snake Hoop. Way too many stats are lost as well. On another note, I am kicking myself for not having gotten DMH.

I'd go Human before playing a space goat, and I still prefer Belf for silence and Bloodthistle.

Yep. Tryhardin
It is about that time foos!
@skank, do u have crusader and +18 stam to shield enchants on DH?
If so i could really use ur chanter right now =)
Currently Grilling and Enjoying a Great evening with the Lady I hope you all have fun I might be able to que later if Games are still Popping
We're getting multiple games - lotta new meat tonight - playing well! Wonderful to see ^^

Have fun with the Lady, KT!
Missing games tonight, glad to hear things are going good. Wife always ends up in the hospital at the wrong times!
that was a ton of fun!
Is there a stream?
Rubkipz, where is the love?
Thanks for playing tonight, guys.
Thanks for spitting all over me guys, I love some lube on my co--er... what?

You deserved it.
Why did everyone leave? Were games that bad?
I just wanted to put myself in the queue and ended up playing a couple games.

Sorry I couldn't be in vent and I was mostly afk in the last game. Difficult family stuff going on.
Why did everyone leave? Were games that bad?

Horde Mage

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