tracking ToT 2 piece set bonus (prot pali)

Hello everyone, I am having difficulty tracking down the 2 set piece bonus (40% block chance for 5 sec per HP spent). There are no buffs, icons, whatsoever. Is there a way to help me track this?
I'll preface this with telling you that it's not even worth it to try to keep the buff up, so therefore there's no actual reason to track it. The 2pc bonus for prot is merely a bonus that helps to even out the loss in mitigation for using a WoG over a SoTR.

The buff that the 2pc applies is called "Shield of glory". You can track it with a weak aura, and I would assume you can track it with TellmeWhen, NeedToKnow, or anything of the type. If you run the Miks Scrolling Battletext addon, it will tell you when you gain or lose the buff.

But just to reiterate, it is NOT worth attempting to keep the buff rolling.
why do you say its not worth it?
In general SotR is still better defensively than the extra block chance from the 2p. The 2p helps with lessen the loss when we need to use WoG to heal ourselves, but it doesn't make it worth using it when we wouldn't otherwise use it without the bonus.
Because ShoR mitigates more, even with the lesser duration. Theck did extensive math on T15 2pc; trust me (or rather, trust Theck) - it's been tested exhaustively, and if it was worth it, we'd all be doing it.

2pc pretty much makes it not as awful to use WoG. It's still awful, and ideally you will never use WoG.
The spell ID is 138242. While I agree that it's not very useful in general, it's worth tracking it for certain situations. I like to have it up for the initial melee of the bats on Tortos, for example.
The only time it is worthwhile to keep it up is during trash pulls, or any time really that you are tanking multiple targets. The main benefit of the buff is that when you are wogging generally you are taking a lot of damage at that point and the buff to shield chance will help curve the damage spike making it less severe, and easier for your healers to pull you through.

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