Significant delay/missing ground graphics

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Having a huge problem raiding right now and it's purely a new development as of Throne of Thunder week two.

I'm having massive graphical lag during the 5.2 raid. Some ground based effects and spell warnings aren't showing up and it's making raiding extremely difficult to impossible in some cases. The two problematic ground effects are Rockfall during the Tortos encounter (heroic) and the ground effect for the balls that must be soaked on the Lei Shen encounter. This is pretty much crippling and I need help badly.

i5-2500K CPU

Have not had any significant performance issues to date and this one is extremely specific. The game itself outside of the ground effects behaves about as it normally has.

Normally I have most graphics settings on high or its equivalent. I've tried reducing the particle density and am not sure if there are other options that need to be reduced. The thing is, week 1 in ToT this worked ok and now it's all garbage forcing me to sit out of raiding.

Balance Power Tracker
Bartender 4
Move Anything
Tidy Plates
Deadly Boss Mods
Weak Auras

I will see if any of these have a critical update that has occurred in the last couple of weeks though I updated everything as soon as the patch went live and DBM since then

If there is anything else anyone can provide for information I would greatly appreciate it

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