People will quit cuz of this Green Fire Quest

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Please learn to read, I said I did it on my first session, not first try. It is easy, and yes it WAS in PvP gear, deal with it retard.

First session? Ummm what?

Your 6% hit made it sooooo easy right? GTFO.

Reforging for 15% is so hard, seriously bro, are you even trying? I can tell you're new to the Warlock class, it's ok "son". Tryhards these days.
Trust me it is good that you have to defeat a very challenging encounter to get the green fire. It's kind of a prestige thing, and you will be more proud to have it when you do beat the boss.
TBH, I did it in my 494 pve gear from old and new lfr... It's difficult I did it in 3-4 hours. But once you get the mechanics down it starts being really easy. My last few attempts were all between 8-20%.

Before fhunter phase even starts hide your enslave behind los put him on passive n keybind move pet right away. You do need macros, the thing that made me win the most is [@Obscurityzx] Fel Flame Breath macro n every time hed spawn the imps id throw a couple rains move my enslave right behind me while i faced the imps... wait til hes done casting n fire n brimstone 1 immolate n then use my fel flame breath macro on myself which would 1 shot all the imps same time u do have to move him kidna close to the gate n stand infront of him.

hide the enslave after u charge for cataclysm soul shatter n unbound will same time n ur good just chaos bolt dbl conflag first fhunter sfury both the other havoc chaos bolt conflag n finish it off.

After that its pretty easy make the enslave tank doom lords rince and repeat.

I found i preferred not using demonic gateway to reduce my threat but rather put a portal right on my gateway n use the gateway glyph so that id port n instantly move out of los instead of having to run to the gateway everytime.

But yeh practice practice and it becomes second nature. This fight is all about mechanics no matter what gear you have unless u REFUSE to get purification potions... then id recommend getting over 500 ilvl gear
03/27/2013 08:22 PMPosted by Sessila
If I can beat it in one sitting w/ full pvp gear, you can do it.

LOL. BS! Pics or vid...or it didn't happen.
Here is a dude doing at at 384 ilvl. That's Three eighty four. You can do it.
OP, Your Tears Fuel Me E . · '/· . F
sub 3% hit, STAM GEMS?, dont even have the enslave demon glyph, your trinkets are doing pretty much nothing for you, 0 proffs and you come here whining? HAND ME THIS HAND ME THAT or IM QUITTING. GTFO and dont let the door hit you in the !@# on thw way out.
03/27/2013 09:18 PMPosted by Ohmother
Nerf it or scale it to gear. Or both.

Oh, you are back? How was your vacation from the forums? Kanrethad is not hard, stop acting like he is some boss only god-tier warlocks even have a chance in hell of killing. You need to get better and learn how to play a warlock.

03/27/2013 11:27 PMPosted by Mordberêth
so how the hell can better gear make this fight easier?

Stat inflation, when locks have 1 million+ health and can eat a chaos bolt if they aren't careful, the fight is essentially nerfed. Not nerfed from Blizzard directly, but the stat inflation on ilvl 550+ gear will be insane. (not saying we will have a million health in 550 gear, but it will get to that point eventually)
Guys please. Facts about this fight are as follows:

1: It's supposed to be hard. Handle it.
2: You can do it in 490 gear or less, it just takes a lot of micromanagement.
3: Purification potion is your best friend.
4: Flask and food up, it's not just about surviving, a good portion is about DPS as well.
5: Don't expect to get the whole strategy down without doing some research first.
your lvl 17 your geting made cuz you cant even get the quest yet so you have no clue what we are talking about.....

So, 13 hours ago you thought your reply to another Kanrethad nerf thread was so fantastic and inspiring that.... you had to copy/paste your response and make a completely new thread? A new thread that pertains to a topic that has been beaten to death by countless baddies such as yourself? You couldn't even clean up your post and add punctuation?

I hate people.
why would you quit? Its not so much a gear dependent fight even though it helps. Its all about mechanics and some luck. i beat him with 485 ilvl and tbh this fight was the best thing to happen to me, coming into the fight i was a mediocre lock didnt really know how to play destro to well but after 40+ attempts 3-4k in repairs and finally getting my greenfire.I can now say i mastered many skills on my warlock i wouldn't normally use.

my best advice is to keep trying dont bang your head against the wall for hours at a time, take breaks and ffs make sure you have everything ready I.e health stones,flask,food,pre pots,sac imp.
People who are good with this class will probably say all types of !@#$ just to mock your 'normal' warlocks.

You cant just tell someone to:

1. get better
2. memorized all mechanics

It comes with practice, comes with muscle memory. Not everyone can be a good warlock even if they try their best.

Elitism at it's very best again.
This is an aspect of the game that has recently been introduced.

It is to award Warlocks who have the appropriate skill, gear, or both.

The entire game is based around this: the better players get the better perks. In fact, what game isn't?

Relax. This is Blizzard. They will reduce the difficulty soon enough, catering to the community that does not want to work hard and put in the effort, does not have the time to work hard and put in the effort, does not have the skill, or all of the above.

I respond to your post, and the feedback, with a question: if there are no perks to being better at a class / role than another player, where, then, is the award and incentive?

Call it Elitism if you wish, but you will get no where in life via complaints.

Research and practice. Every "Elitist" here has put in their time and efforts. Allow them their reward.
Why do people even play this game? there are much easier, less grindy, less skill required games out there for people like you. If you want instant gratification and to be handed everything then play something else.. don't ruin it for the rest of us.
People who are good with this class will probably say all types of !@#$ just to mock your 'normal' warlocks.

You cant just tell someone to:

1. get better
2. memorized all mechanics

It comes with practice, comes with muscle memory. Not everyone can be a good warlock even if they try their best.

Elitism at it's very best again.

Sure they can. It just depends how much effort they want to put into it. From a general perspective of this community, that effort level is pretty low.

You can say that doing something over and over again is effort, but analyzing your mistakes and overall reflection of a task is key. Not everyone wants to figure out *why* they are failing. That doesn't mean they will *never* figure it out.
03/28/2013 08:50 AMPosted by Vellestina
People who are good with this class will probably say all types of !@#$ just to mock your 'normal' warlocks.

Elitism at it's very best again.
Nope. What people are saying is that IF you can't seem to complete the quest due to skill or time or whatever it may be, there is always the option to wait a bit of time and it'll become vastly easier. People who would rather quit the game than wait a couple months just because they didn't get their green fire mailed to them on the opening of the patch are not the warlocks we generally care to have around. The kind of warlock who thinks it's worth whining about and unsubbing rather than wait two months, especially when they're not even almost giving themselves the best opportunities with fight knowledge, gearing, glyphing etc, are not the kinds of warlocks who will get better with practice. They tend to be the type of people who quit after a few attempts and blame Blizzard thinking they are doing everything right but it's not enough instead of considering what they did wrong.

If people are struggling and trying then the warlock community helps and helps tremendously in my experience. If people are failing after a few attempts and threatening to quit and putting the blame on Blizzard rather than trying to get better, then those people probably shouldn't expect too much sympathy from the forums.

It's not elitism. It's simply most warlocks understanding that it ruins the game for WAY more people if stuff was just handed out.
Its things like these threads that ruined the game, all these cata babies just want things given to them. If anything i hope they make it harder, if you want green fire earn it dont go on forums and cry out for nerfs.

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